Left 4 Dead

SOLVED Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Ian, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. Ian

    Ian Guest

    Anyone tried this game yet? It was on special offer within Steam, so i picked it up for about £13.50 - bargain :thumb:

    I wouldn't have paid £30 for it (which I think was the full price when released), but it's good fun and a bit different to most online games :)
    Ian, Feb 19, 2009 Unmark Thread as Solved
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  2. Ian

    hokers99 VIP Member

    Feb 18, 2004
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    Yes - have been playing it a bit recently.

    It's a bit short of maps but it is quite fun, especially when you get two teams of a similar standard playing against each other. Playing the public servers is a bit hit and miss though - sometimes you get some really good people and sometimes just idiots.

    Not worth over £15 for me ever. There's an interesting article about the Valve 50% off sale of this title on the Register or somewhere similar. Talking about pushing the revenues up hugely by discounting while the game is still pretty new, can't find it now.
    hokers99, Feb 23, 2009 Unmark Thread as Solved
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  3. Ian

    Ian Guest

    I've found the same on the public servers - 2 people from my last game just ran away as if it was a single player game (and died within about 2 mins). No idea what they were doing!

    As the sale price was such a sucess, I hope they do this with other games over time :) I picked up Team Fortress 2 at half price just before Christmas in a similar deal (and again, it seems like a game thats worth about £10-15).
    Ian, Feb 23, 2009 Unmark Thread as Solved
  4. Ian

    gcmarcal VIP Member

    Feb 15, 2006
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    I play TF2. But sometimes I get annoyed with some players that don't ever choose other than the sniper.
    gcmarcal, Feb 25, 2009 Unmark Thread as Solved
  5. Ian


    Sep 15, 2009
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    It's a nice game if you always have friends to play with. We usually play this on LAN or on Public servers. It's a cool game to help time pass by.
    leejaedong, Sep 15, 2009 Unmark Thread as Solved
  6. Ian

    Ian Guest

    There's a new level pack for this called "Crash Course" - it's a free update via Steam if you have it for the PC. Great fun :D
    Ian, Oct 5, 2009 Unmark Thread as Solved
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