Kensington wants you to be very afraid of losing your iPhone, buy its $60 Proximo system

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    From A

    Kensington Makes Your iPhone & Other Valuables Unforgettable Wit
    New Proximo Products- Keep, Track, and Get Back Items You Can't Affor
    to Los

    App-Enabled Proximity Monitoring System Lets You Know Where Valuable
    Are At All Times-You Will Never Lose Them Agai

    Redwood Shores, Calif. – January 8, 2013 - Kensington, a worldwid
    leader in delivering smart. safe. simple.™ mobile device accessories
    today introduced Proximo™, an App-enabled proximity monitoring syste
    that empowers iPhone 5/4S owners to know where their smartphone, key
    and valuables are at all times. Proximo delivers a unique way to trac
    multiple valuables with a last-seen map pin-drop feature, an activ
    proximity dashboard and extended battery life on both its Fob and Tag
    The new Proximo Starter Kit includes the Proximo™ App to track you
    iPhone and valuables, a Fob to attach to your keys, and one Tag t
    always find a valuable item of your choice. For those who want t
    track additional item
    they simply don't want to lose - like a briefcase, a handbag, or a ca
    - Kensington offers a separate, single Proximo Tag you can add to you

    Proximo™ works by setting up a wireless connection between the iPhon
    and key Fob or Tag using Bluetooth® Smart Technology. Compatible wit
    iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S, Proximo's App dashboard is "alway
    on" and can track up to five items concurrently. The proximit
    distance (sensitivity) of each key Fob and Tag can be personalized
    Proximo's App dashboard shows the proximity of each Fob and Tag
    Pushing a button on the Fob or tapping "Find Fob" icon fro
    the Proximo App dashboard triggers an alarm that helps the user locat
    their phone, keys or other valuable items

    Every 3.5 Seconds, a mobile phone is lost or stolen. For today'
    always connected mobile users, a smartphone is more than jus
    expensive to replace-it is often the "keeper" of
    tremendous amount of personal, confidential and work relate
    information too. According to a 2011 report1 by AVG, 42% of US an
    European smartphone users surveyed had lost their device while i
    transit. Never worry again about leaving anything important behin
    with Proximo. It's designed to help you Keep, Track and Get Back wha
    is most essential to you

    Keep-Keep your iPhone in close range with the handy Bluetooth 4.0 Fob
    It alerts you with
    customizable proximity alarm the minute you move a set distance awa
    from your phone, so you never leave it behind again

    Track-The Proximo App dashboard keeps track of up to five items
    including a customizable active proximity meter, so you always kno
    how far away you are from them. If you get out of range, a GP
    function allows you to track your items on a map

    Get Back-Working hand-in-hand with the Proximo App, Bluetooth 4.0 Tag
    help you locate your most important things at any given time. Tag u
    to five items, such as the Fob, your purse, bag or car, and gai
    instant peace of mind

    Source: "Beware: take more care of mobile devices during th
    holiday season," by AVG, 2011

    Introducing the New Kensington Proximo Starter Kit and Proximo Ta

    Kensington Proximo™ Starter Kit (SRP $59.99; K39565AM) -- Proximo i
    an App-enabled proximity monitoring system that lets you know wher
    your iPhone, keys and valuables are at all times. Never worry agai
    about leaving anything important behind, because Proximo helps yo
    Keep, Track and Get Back your most valued possessions. The Proxim
    Starter Kit includes everything you need to track your iPhone, keys
    and one additional item. Proximo's App Dashboard tracks up to fiv
    valuable items via Fob and/or Tags (additional Tags sold separately)
    The Proximity Alarm with customizable range and audio alert tells yo
    when you've left your valuable behind and the One-Touch Find Alert o
    Fob helps yo
    find your iPhone. Last Seen provides you with pin-drop on map to hel
    you recover your items and you can personalize your Fob and Tag wit
    customizable alarm tones, images and names

    • Up to 6-month battery life on Fob & Tag for low maintenanc
    • Robust and ultra-slim 8mm Fob and Tag design
    • Monitor the battery life of all your Tags and Fobs from your iPhone
    • Wireless technology: Bluetooth 4.0 / Bluetooth Smart
    • Alarm Audio Output: Fob 95dBa, Tag 84dBa
    • Replaceable Battery: Model: CR2032 Lithium Coin Battery
    • iOS Compatibility: iPhone 4S: iOS 5 / iOS 6 or later; iPhone 5: iOS
    6 or later

    Kensington Proximo™ Tag (SRP $24.99; K39567AM) -- The Proximo Tag
    allows you to use your iPhone to keep track of one valuable item. Use
    it to track your camera, briefcase, handbag-anything you never want to
    worry about losing. Proximo allows you to add up to four Tags (sold
    separately) so you can keep track of your most valued items.

    - Personalize your Tag with customizable alarm tones, images and
    - Find Alert helps you with on-the fly recovery of your valuables
    - Robust and ultra-slim Tag design
    - Up to 6-month battery life on Tag for low maintenance
    - Wireless technology: Bluetooth® 4.0 / Bluetooth Smart
    - Alarm Audio Output: Tag 84dBa
    - Replaceable Battery: Model: CR2032 Lithium Coin Battery
    - iOS Compatibility: iPhone 4S: iOS 5 / iOS 6 or later; iPhone 5: iOS
    6 or later
    MummyChunk, Mar 17, 2013
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