... just wish that ... (Apple TV / iPhone / AirPlay)

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Alan Browne, Jan 1, 2015.

  1. Alan Browne

    Alan Browne Guest

    Just wish that I could AirPlay from my iPhone to my Apple TV without
    having to have a network set up.

    I assumed that I would be able to do so and that such would be handy for
    an upcoming presentation.

    Ah well, that's what the MBA is for, right?
    Alan Browne, Jan 1, 2015
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  2. Alan Browne

    David Empson Guest

    I don't know which model Apple TV you have, but this is possible given
    the right hardware and software.

    Peer-to-peer AirPlay is a new feature of Apple TV software 7.x (released
    at the same time as iOS 8), for the 3rd generation Apple TV only.
    According to Apple's spec page, it requires the updated model of the 3rd
    generation Apple TV ("AppleTV3,2", A1469, released March 2013).

    The source device needs to be running iOS 8 or Yosemite, and the set of
    supported models (mid 2012 onward) are the same as for Handoff, Instant
    Hotspot and iOS-compatible AirDrop, implying it uses Bluetooth 4.0 to
    establish the connection.


    I've used it a couple of times at meetings where I was demoing iOS 8,
    and no Wi-Fi network was available.
    David Empson, Jan 1, 2015
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  3. Alan Browne

    Lewis Guest

    Works fine for me on my Apple TV 3.
    Lewis, Jan 1, 2015
  4. Alan Browne

    Alan Browne Guest

    I have the A1427 (March 2012 per Mactracker).

    Guess I'm screwed until I buy another Apple TV (no plans for that).
    That's why I assumed I could do it w/o the network - and my Apple TV
    isn't that old ... just a little too old ...
    That's precisely what I'd like to achieve.

    Alan Browne, Jan 2, 2015
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