Is this a hardware issue or a .NET issue?

Discussion in 'PC Hardware' started by Garrot, Sep 17, 2006.

  1. Garrot

    Garrot Guest

    Yesterday I decided to use windows update and had it install .NET 1.1
    and 2.0. On reboot I got a BSOD before the desktop loaded. In safe
    mode it was fine so had windows load last good configuration, removed
    ..NET. Everything was fine again. Decided to download Vista RC1 and
    install that. On first boot of the OS got the BSOD again. Well, Vista
    comes bundled with .NET so that explains it. The BSOD is just a stop
    error and gives no indo as to what is causing it, just some numbers
    and letters that mean nothing to me. Anyone experience this before and
    know the cause? As for now I'm back to XP sans .NET.
    Garrot, Sep 17, 2006
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