Is there a 3tB or larger SATA drive that can be jumpered or set to show as about 2tB?

Discussion in 'Storage' started by Mark F, Jul 29, 2011.

  1. Mark F

    Mark F Guest

    Is there a 3TB drive that can be "jumpered" or set by software to
    show up as only about 2tB?

    I need to use my existing stand-alone utilities and computers, which
    only support 2TB drives, so software like what Seagate describes in:
    "Break the 2.1TB Barrier With Barracuda XT Drives and DiscWizard
    Software", MB615.1-1102US, February 2011
    doesn't help me.

    Seagate says that none of the disks:
    Barracuda XT ST33000651A
    Constellation ES.2 ST33000650NS
    Constellation ES.2 ST33000651NS
    can be set to 2TB by jumpering or by using a program to set drive
    configuration options.

    I found a manual at: 3_5 in/100628615d.pdf
    "Seagate Product Manual Constellation ES.2 SAS", Rev. D,
    that covers the SAS version (ST33000650SS, ST33000651SS) of the
    Constellation drives that I am interested in, that says that it might
    be possible, with appropriate software, to do what I want with SAS
    drives by using the SAS command "Mode Select (6)"
    [section 4.6 "Programmable drive capacity", Page 9]

    Does anyone know of any hardware to make an SAS drive behave like a
    SATA drive? If such hardware existed and I could find software to use
    the appropriate Mode Select command, then I could setup a system with
    an SAS adapter, set the capacity of each new drive, then use it as an
    SATA drive with the lower capacity that I need.

    Mark F, Jul 29, 2011
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