Is the netbook going to be replaced by Tablets in 2011?

Discussion in 'Computing' started by Don McKenzie, Jan 22, 2011.

  1. Don McKenzie

    Don McKenzie Guest

    Is the netbook going to be replaced by Tablets in 2011?

    Predictions have started early this year that the netbook is dead too. A touch over-exaggerated perhaps?

    If you're buying a relatively small, cheap laptop in 2011, there's a good chance someone is going to tell you to get a
    tablet, or ask why you didn't.,opinion-is-this-apocalypse-now-for-netbooks.aspx


    Me, unless the tablet is in a form factor like the Asus T101MT netbook

    then I won't be getting one.

    Cheers Don...


    Don McKenzie

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    Don McKenzie, Jan 22, 2011
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  2. IMO, it's an apples versus oranges 'comparison'.

    FWIW, I have a full size laptop for regular use and a netbook for

    For the netbook, a real keyboard is a near must and so is
    connectivity. I nearly always use one or more of it's USB ports and
    sometimes I use all three. And I occasionally use the LAN port. And then
    there's a card reader (two actually, which is great for automatic
    backup)). And I don't won't to run an OS which is not code compatible
    with my main laptop, i.e. I want some form of (real) (MS-)Windows.

    Very, very unlikely that all of this will be available in a tablet.

    So if I would buy a tablet or/and a smart phone, it would be *in
    addition*, not instead of.

    That's my EUR 0.02.
    Frank Slootweg, Jan 22, 2011
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  3. Don McKenzie

    Don McKenzie Guest

    I am doing the same these days Frank. And I wonder how many people have steered off in the same direction.

    I found I could get a core i7 notebook with the works, cheaper than most tin boxes with the same features. And the
    prices are dropping madly on these "catch of the day" type specials that we are seeing here in Australia.

    So I now use this fast notebook for my main PC, and a 10" netbook for travel.
    when something like the Asus T101MT netbook-Tablet comes along with the CPU power equivalent to the core i7 (and using a
    lot less power than the i7), then I may jump across. I love the touch screen concept, but not at the expense of horse
    power and other features that I need when I travel.

    It will happen of course, but not for a little while yet.

    Cheers Don...


    Don McKenzie

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    These products will reduce in price by 5% every month:

    Bare Proto PCB for PIC or AVR projects?
    "I'd buy that for a Dollar!".
    Don McKenzie, Jan 22, 2011
  4. Don McKenzie

    Rod Speed Guest

    Nope, they will both be used, just like laptops still are too.
    Only from fools that dont have a clue.
    Corse it is. Anything that has is place will continue, just like desktops do.
    Their problem.
    Usual mindless hype.
    Usual mindless shit to get fools to buy their shit rag.
    I might for some stuff that doesnt need a full keyboard and where a touch
    screen is much more convenient like with some very portable requirements.

    I really dont like even laptop keyboards much, let alone netbook keyboards.
    Rod Speed, Jan 22, 2011
  5. Don McKenzie

    Rod Speed Guest

    Frank Slootweg wrote
    Plenty ran the same line about desktops and laptops.

    Quite a few now dont bother with a desktop.
    Thats just plain wrong. The most that might happen is that nowhere
    near enough want all of that in a tablet to make it viable, particularly
    your demand on code compatibility with the laptop.
    Thats true of most.
    I wanna refund.
    Rod Speed, Jan 22, 2011
  6. Don McKenzie

    SolomonW Guest

    My android ereaders has a USB port, a LAN port and can use a real keyboard.
    SolomonW, Jan 23, 2011
  7. Don McKenzie

    Petzl Guest

    Will it recognise hand writing and convert to text?
    The tablet PC seems slow in coming if it ever will?
    I also want it in 18" like

    Petzl, Jan 23, 2011
  8. No. As already stated, apples and oranges. They have two clear
    purposes, though, the netbook can perform the duties of a tablet as
    well. The tablet has a reduced price tag to make up for it.

    One point that is consistently "forgotten" when selling tablets, is
    they don't have suitable software to duplicate a lot of the
    functionality of a netbook. It's assumed that EVERYONE carries around a
    netbook around the house, when a pocket calculator would suffice.

    In fact, here at home, I could replace the use of the netbook perhaps
    once every couple of months to show off some information to guests, and
    don't want to drag them into another room just to look at the screen.
    Or I could just NOT spend that money and "drag" out the netbook once
    every couple of months.

    Also to play my MP3 files stored on the server.
    Or I could transmit that audio with an FM transmitter, and pick them up
    with an existing radio in the other room.

    So here so far, I've saved the purchase of yet another gadget that I
    don't really need.
    The only ones making those claims are either ill-informed, or have a
    vested interest in stating that. Either to sell their particular brand
    of tablet, or, to sell tabloid news stories because they didn't have any
    UFO sightings this month.

    Either way, if you're in a position to make a decision on buying one or
    the other, I would recommend NOT listening to either of the above.
    John Tserkezis, Jan 23, 2011
  9. Don McKenzie

    Petzl Guest

    Petzl, Jan 23, 2011
  10. Don McKenzie

    Rod Speed Guest

    John Tserkezis wrote
    The same mindless line was run with desktops and laptops.
    The tablet can do everything a netbook can do too.
    Wrong, as always. Plenty of netbooks are cheaper than tablets.
    Depends on the tablet. Thats a lie with linux based tablets.
    Only dinosaurs like you use pocket calculators anymore.
    You dont really need anything, even the house.

    You do really need that fucky canvas jacket with extremely long sleeves tho.
    Or just need to sell their shit rag that hardly anyone bothers with anymore.
    Rod Speed, Jan 23, 2011
  11. Don McKenzie

    Rod Speed Guest

    Rod Speed, Jan 23, 2011
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