iPhone 4S Replacement Battery Supplier

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Aldo Raine, Dec 17, 2014.

  1. Aldo Raine

    290jkl Guest

    Makes more sense to use a 5 instead of paying
    $80 to get Apple to replace the battery in the 4S.
    The 5 is much better.
    The 5 does that better.
    Sure, but that clearly isnt necessary.
    And I was saying that $80 makes no sense unless
    you are the sort of technoklutz that wrecks anything
    you touch and that even if you are one of those, an
    iphone 5 makes a lot more sense than a 4S.
    Just as true of doing that now with the 4S and replacing it with a 5.
    Makes more sense to change to a 5.
    290jkl, Dec 22, 2014
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  2. Aldo Raine

    Guest Guest

    not when a 4g device won't work.
    Guest, Dec 22, 2014
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  3. Aldo Raine

    290jkl Guest

    You get a 5 that won't do 4G on the Verizon system, stupid.
    290jkl, Dec 23, 2014
  4. Aldo Raine

    Aldo Raine Guest

    You obviously gave some thought to...and spent a lot of time on your
    rather opinionated reply championing the iPhone 5.

    Pity though that you missed the line in my OP about no 4G devices-- even
    if running 3G-- allowed, thus making your whole post moot...
    Aldo Raine, Dec 23, 2014
  5. Aldo Raine

    290jkl Guest

    I wasn’t championing anything, just pointed out that a
    5 makes a lot more sense in that situation than a 4S that
    is well past its best by date.
    There are verizon iphone 5 s like that.
    290jkl, Dec 23, 2014
  6. Aldo Raine

    Aldo Raine Guest

    The 5S motherboard is designed as, hard-wire classified as, and
    hard-wire identifies itself as a 4G device to the carrier's operating
    system. Thus the tower will reject the phone when used on my plan.

    Matters not if a particular sample phone's 4G chip is broken, missing,
    defective, turned off, removed, flashed, jail broken, was never
    installed at the factory, or wished away later by Tinkerbell. It's a
    no-go. Period.

    Not sure why you can't seem seem to wrap your mind around that simple
    Aldo Raine, Dec 23, 2014
  7. Aldo Raine

    290jkl Guest

    I was talking about the 5, not the 5S. The 5 doesn’t do what you say
    with the earliest Verizon 5.
    Not with the earlier Verizon 5
    Not with the earlier Verizon 5
    It isn't anything like a fact with the earlier Verizon 5.
    290jkl, Dec 23, 2014
  8. iFixit has been mentioned above. Here's a link.
    Here's a video link to the iPhone 4.
    I've done the battery replacement for iPhone 4 with the video. I am 68
    y/o with failing eyes. Replacing the battery on a 4 with proper tools
    is a piece of cake. Well...I didn't have any problems.
    Replacing the battery on a 4s "should be easy" too. YMMV. Just have the
    proper tools from iFixit or another vendor.
    I'll approach changing the battery on my wife's iPhone 5 with
    trepidation, what with the screen glue, suction cups, heat and all. But
    then, it's my iPhone 5, and if I screw it up, that's my problem. If I
    was keen on it's value and my lack of capability, I'd have a pro do it.


    Leonard Blaisdell, Dec 25, 2014
  9. Aldo Raine

    Aldo Raine Guest

    So where did you buy the battery-- and is it any good?
    Aldo Raine, Dec 25, 2014
  10. I bought it from iFixit. It drained within five days with all the apps
    I had on the iPhone. I was using it as a iPod. I reset it to factory
    condition a couple of weeks ago to possibly give to a friend, and it
    hasn't needed a charge yet. In fact it's at about 75 percent right now.
    No demands seems to equate to little drain. So I don't know.
    If you are worried, buy a battery from Apple if you can. Installation
    isn't difficult.

    Leonard Blaisdell, Dec 28, 2014
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