iPad + Seagate Satelite Drive + Lightning Digital AV Adapter or 30-pin Digital AV Adapter

Discussion in 'iPad' started by Opple Ipad, Feb 1, 2013.

  1. Opple Ipad

    Opple Ipad Guest

    I am a big fan of the Seagate Satellite drives which allow you store
    up to 500 GBs of video, music, etc rather than limiting yourself to a
    maximum of 64 GBs on the iPad or paying for a separate data connection
    to stream from iCloud. I won't be getting anything but a wifi only

    I was curious how well the Digital AV adapters worked, especially
    reading so many bad reviews with the iPad 1st gens. (Of course those
    complaints may have simply been due to operator error.)

    So I powered up my Satellite Drive, plugged in the adaptor to my iPad
    and iPhone5 and then connected both to separate LED TVs via HDMI
    cable. The home screens for both came up on the TVs, started
    streaming a different movie on each device (you can stream 3 separate
    movies to 3 separate devices at once). The video and audio both played
    on the TVs without a hitch, the video but NO audio played on each
    Apple device at the same time.

    So if you want to bring movies with you while visiting friends and
    family but don't want to fill up your iPad or waste CDs and DVD's
    copying movies and music from you iTunes collection, or your kids
    want to bring some music and movies while staying over at their
    friends home, you can pretty much take your entire collection with

    Then I started running through some of the TV apps. (Without using the
    external drive of course) Most will output to the TV via this setup.
    HBO Go is waiting for an update that will allow this.

    Many of the game apps and productivity apps work with this setup. So
    if you want to browse the web or read your email or allow others to
    watch you playing a game or watch them if taking turns etc, have fun.
    And if you have an HD projector, Movie night for the family bigger
    than any TV in your home.

    Sitting back and reading my kindle and iBook collection on the big
    screen with larger text than you would see on the iPad was great.

    This setup would work good for business or school presentations as

    I have recoded most of my iTunes collection. To me movies over a gig
    in size are a waste of drive space. I get them all down to about 200
    to 500 MBs each. Now if they would simply start making 3 TB and
    larger satellite drives.

    Of course I can stream my movies to my iPhone and all my Android
    phones via my unlimited data plan and my Network connected external
    hard drive. But that works best on 4g or better or wifi
    connections(best) and I can use the Digital connector to output to the

    Now the adaptor pricing is a bit outrageous. Lightning Digital AV
    Adapter 49.00 and 30-pin Digital AV Adapter 39.00 (Both cheaper if
    bought from BestBuy.)
    Opple Ipad, Feb 1, 2013
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