Interesting install of WinAmp yesterday

Discussion in 'PC Hardware' started by Flasherly, Jan 21, 2015.

  1. Flasherly

    Flasherly Guest

    Wanted to try a particular VST/DSP sound processing package giving me
    difficulties with my standard DSP frontend wrapper

    Going behind a firewall and filter, I installed it, ignoring and
    denying Winamp's attempt to "phone in" back to home.

    So much for not physically disconnecting PWR to the modem/router,
    which I hadn't.

    The install, evidently, is affiliated with nearby urban corporate
    centre, located within 50 miles of a greater metropolitan area wherein
    I reside.

    I physically contacted them. They've ties to some sort of energy and
    equipment interests, as well, a brief mention for marketing. Some
    sort of an in-the-know operation that isn't wearing intents on their
    cuffs or their webpage.

    They had my phone number, name and address, and were calling me before
    I even completed the installation. No one would say anything, as the
    call was in all likelihood automated to incur a human response for
    evaluation and filing purposes.

    (I, naturally, tracked down the reverse caller's ID to find out who
    had initiated it.)

    (The program WinAmp will of course install without processing you for
    at least an initial evaluation;- as I said, all I needed was to check
    a DSP addition's functionality.)

    Sickly sweet and loaded with all the latest DirectX drivers, didn't
    take long to form an impression before performing a 40-second binary
    restoration of the entire OS to ensure any contaminated trace remains
    were digitally obliviated, or close enough to a state of oblivion.

    Should have turned off the modem. I don't like uninvited people
    selling candy, who take themselves seriously enough to call me on my
    personal phone number.

    WinAmp is Russian-authored codeworks, btw.
    Flasherly, Jan 21, 2015
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