How to connect and configurate Tp5210g-> wrt54g

Discussion in 'PC Hardware' started by freejazz, Jan 28, 2015.

  1. freejazz

    freejazz Guest

    Hi, i would want to connect my Tp5210g to my router Linksys
    wrt54g with dd-wrt firmware.
    I would want to use the cable from Tp5210g to Linksys and then i
    would want receive via wifi from Linksys the Internet
    I want be able use the lan ports of Linksys as available and
    working ports to connect other devices.
    Do you know how i need to configurate and connect the cables?
    Can i connect ethernet cable from Tp5210g to internet port of Linksys?
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    freejazz, Jan 28, 2015
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  2. freejazz

    Paul Guest

    There are two kinds of Ethernet cables, straight-thru and
    crossover cables.

    RX TX

    The idea is, for Ethernet to work, the TX on one unit, connects
    to the RX on the other. Each end is transformer isolated, which is
    why electrical ground is unimportant on Ethernet cables. The Ethernet
    cable has no shield, no metal shroud on the connector end.

    When you connect two computers together, that's when you
    need the crossover cable. So in this case, I draw two computers.

    RX_________crossover_________RX (Use crossover cable when
    TX TX connecting two 100BT computers)

    As far as I know, the WAN port is flipped already, so that
    modem-router-computer wiring can use straight-thru cables for
    everything. The natural order, dictated the best choices for
    the position of RX and TX.

    The above rules apply to 10/100BT wiring, which uses wires
    1,2,3,6 of the eight wires in the cable.

    TX_____straight-thru____RX TX___straight-thru____RX
    modem RX TX router RX TX computer
    (WAN) (LAN)

    On GbE (gigabit) Ethernet, the hardware uses all eight wires.
    If a four wire cable is used, the hardware has no choice but
    to limit operation to 100BT. But if all eight wires are there,
    the GbE runs at the gigabit rate to a second GbE device.

    One feature that GbE hardware has, is MDI/MDIX automatic wiring.
    It doesn't matter whether you use a straight-thru or crossover
    cable with a GbE computer, as the GbE chip will figure it out
    by negotiation. Very few 100BT components would be able to
    automatically switch the TX and RX pairs. Which is why we have
    those strange rules about cable usage.

    I keep only one crossover cable in the house (blue plastic on
    one connector, red plastic on the other connector). I use it when
    connecting two ancient (non-GbE) computers together. But I
    haven't needed that cable in a long time. All my other Ethernet
    cables are straight-thru wiring (pin 1 goes to pin 1 on the
    other end etcetera).

    Tp5210g <---straight---> Linksys <---straight---> Computer

    Paul, Jan 29, 2015
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