Help - I can GET emails, but can't answer them!

Discussion in 'PC Hardware' started by OhioGuy, Oct 29, 2007.

  1. OhioGuy

    OhioGuy Guest

    1 month or so back, I registered with because I read that they
    have sophisticated challenge-response systems in place to stop spam. 80% of
    what I get each day is spam, and I'm sick of it, so this sounded like a
    potential replacement for my Unix based pine shell, which I've been using on
    dialup for 14 years. (it has no spam blocking whatsoever)

    I recently read that they were setting up pop email access, so you could
    use programs like Eudora to do email offline, then connect for a short time
    to send and receive.

    I followed the directions and set this up. I thought it was working when
    I got a test email I sent from my other account in the Eudora inbox.

    Later, I found that for some reason, I can receive, but not send emails.
    I do fine on the webmail - no problems there. However, I was
    really looking forward to being able to compose email offline, since I am on
    a limited time per day of dialup - 5 hours a day.

    So, I wrote inbox and asked why this might happen. Here is what they

    SUPPORT ANSWER(10/24/2007 9:18:29 pm):
    If you are unable to send/receive emails using account via Email
    Client, then please try to do Telnet test first to check if there is a
    connection with any of the SMTP Port 25, 465 or 587 and POP3 Port 110.

    1/ click on the Start button,
    2/ then click on the Run,
    3/ type in the box the word "telnet" and press enter - new window will be
    4/ type in "open 25" OR "open 587" OR "open 465" and press enter and wait until you will be displayed by
    any response,
    5/ also check the connection with port 110 - type in "open 110"
    and press enter, wait until you will displayed by any response.

    If any error message comes back (connection failed), it is necessary to
    contact your internet service provider (ISP) to ask for help.

    I did all of the telnet tests, and all worked EXCEPT for the first one
    "open 25" - it would never connect.

    My dialup ISP is - they don't provide pop email with the dialup
    account, mostly because they don't want to deal with support questions.
    It's ultra cheap - $3.25 a month for 150 hours. However, now I'm wondering
    if I was wrong to think that I would be able to use Eudora.

    Is there a chance that VTISP actually has something switched off that
    won't let me use Eudora? I'm currently stuck with 1 way email - in only!
    Kind of annoying when people can write to you, but you can't answer!
    OhioGuy, Oct 29, 2007
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  2. OhioGuy

    Paul Guest

    There is a port list here. Outgoing port 25 is SMTP. Port 110 is POP3.

    It appears ISPs block outgoing port 25, to prevent their networks from being
    used for outgoing spam. You are likely allowed to connect to your own ISP's email
    server's SMTP port 25, if you want to send mail. In other words, if it is
    SMTP, either use your own ISP's email server for outgoing, or don't bother :)

    Maybe try to send email via ? Ask VTISP whether they allow
    that or not ? On the main page, it mentions $3.95/mo for internet
    access, and $4.95/mo for internet access plus email.

    Just a guess,
    Paul, Oct 30, 2007
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  3. OhioGuy

    OhioGuy Guest

    I tried the "" for the SMTP server setting, and was able to
    send an email for the first time! Yay!

    However, now it gives me:
    Error reading from network

    Cause: connection aborted due to timeout or other failure (10053)

    And I am no longer able to GET email. Why would changing the setting for
    sending allow me to now send, but not receive? It is the opposite situation
    from what I was having before! Agh!
    OhioGuy, Oct 30, 2007
  4. OhioGuy

    Paul Guest

    There is a "Configuring Eudora 5" section on this page. There is a
    separate place for incoming and outgoing mail. It almost sounds like
    whatever version of Eudora you're using, has just one address, and
    both incoming and outgoing are trying to use that one address ?

    I'm no expert at this stuff, just more guesswork.

    PDF page 71 has a reference to SMTP here. Page 126 has "Configure = POP"
    for incoming mail.

    Paul, Oct 30, 2007
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