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Discussion in 'PC Hardware' started by Flasherly, Jan 25, 2015.

  1. Flasherly

    Flasherly Guest

    Weird. Just moved everything off a full 1T Samsung - to a Seagate
    ST2000dm001 firmware cc27. (Sweetly hauling its everloving humming
    butt for that thruput volume.)

    They're both off a Silicon Image PCI 2-HD controller, and, whereas I
    was getting a Temp reading off the Samsung, the Seagate isn't
    reporting in now (if at least to SpeedFan).


    Putting, loading up on a FlashStick HDDScan and

    This MSI package contains:
    - Hdparm executable for Windows v.6.9 released 28 feb 2007
    - Cygwin® POSIX Emulation library v.1007.9.0.0 released 29 mar 2011
    - Icons (from http://www.iconarchive.com/artist/aha-soft.html)
    - Predefined cmd scripts for setting most common HDD APM values - max
    battery, hard disk performance or APM disabled.

    for a lookeesee.

    Doubt anything's going hot on me anytime soon, and I do have intents
    to replace a WD 750G, Temps being actively reported, with that same
    Samsung (unless I go bigger w/ a 1.5/another 2T HDD). At least, in
    theory, I should have One drive, of two in a side-by-side array, being
    reported actively on recurrent temperature scans.

    Trouble is, I like 'em better if they're all up and 'on the grid.'
    And, then, just might be another version SpeedFan to configure for
    these newer chipsets. Dunno.
    Flasherly, Jan 25, 2015
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