HD replacement on Presario 6000

Discussion in 'Storage' started by MickeyMike, Mar 17, 2013.

  1. MickeyMike

    MickeyMike Guest

    I know it may look like a stupid question, but here it is. I have
    Compaq Presario 6030CA Desktop and I want to remove the hard drive fro
    the casing in the computer. Now I've removed the side panel, power an
    data cable and the two screws holding it in place. Now the drive is fre
    to move but I can't slide it out because something is holding it fro
    sliding out. I've verified with my hands underneath the casing holdin
    it in place but there is nothing I see or feel like a latch or a smal
    tab that could keep it from sliding out??? Anyone had that proble
    before?...any help would be greatly appreciated.

    MickeyMike, Mar 17, 2013
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