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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by badgolferman, Jan 27, 2015.

  1. badgolferman

    badgolferman Guest

    I want to create group contacts on my iPhone and the only method I have
    found is this:

    Unfortunately iCloud does not have my Contacts listed despite Contacts
    and Notes being enabled under Settings/iCloud on my iPhone. The Notes
    seems to work, but Contacts doesn't. Any suggestions?
    badgolferman, Jan 27, 2015
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  2. badgolferman

    badgolferman Guest

    Months ago.
    Numerous times.
    Countless times.
    I saw no status bar activity. What am I missing?
    badgolferman, Jan 27, 2015
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  3. badgolferman

    Zaidy036 Guest

    There are several Apps that provide for groups you set up. Seach the store.
    Zaidy036, Jan 27, 2015
  4. badgolferman

    badgolferman Guest

    When I click Sign Out it wants to Delete the account. I don't want to
    do that.
    badgolferman, Jan 27, 2015
  5. badgolferman

    badgolferman Guest

    No. It doesn't do anything when I toggle the Contacts option.
    badgolferman, Jan 27, 2015
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