Gmail IMAP and Eudora/Outlook 2002

Discussion in 'Computing' started by Marts, Jan 6, 2008.

  1. Marts

    Marts Guest

    I've had a play with Gmail's IMAP service seeing as it can now retrieve emails
    from other POP accounts such as what you might have with your ISP.

    So far it hasn't really worked that well. It took me ages to work out how to
    configure Eudora. It sort of works. However, I cannot receive any emails so far.
    Secondly, I tried to configure Outlook 2002. Now, Gmail says that it only
    supports 2003 and 2007, but when I configured 2002 using 2003 help guide I
    couldn't see what the difference was. But that doesn't mean that there may be

    OL wil retrieve emails from the Gmail server, but I cannot get it to send. I
    just get server timeouts and no other errors.

    Looks like I might have to "upgrade" to either 2003 or 2007. But if I do that
    then I may lose connectivity between Outlook and ActiveSync for my Palm Treo
    smartphone (it uses Windows Mobile Ver 6 and the destructions tell me that it
    will only work with 2002, which seems insane given that it's a current phone and
    MS expects everyone to be running 2007 versions of everything).

    I'm wondering what any of you may have tried with respect to IMAP.

    Thing is, the idea is for me to be able to jump onto any of the computers at
    home and log into the email client, whether it be Eudora, Outlook or whatever
    and knowing that all clients will have the same "sync'ed" messages and
    mailboxes, particularly the laptop which is connected to the LAN wirelessly.

    Or is this too much to ask?
    Marts, Jan 6, 2008
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  2. I use Eudora but have never used Outlook so can't help with Outlook.

    I use a paid email service but use Google to check accounts held with
    my ISP and then forward them to an account with my paid email service.

    In the past I have used Eudora successfully with Google, receiving
    email with POP and sending with SMTP.

    What version of Eudora?
    Your ISP may be blocking you from sending using Googles' SMTP server.
    Stuart Naylor, Jan 6, 2008
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