>>FS>Sydney<> New US Made Generic Inkjet Cartridges/Laser Drums 4 Sale <<

Discussion in 'Computing' started by >>OziMail4U, Jun 30, 2004.

  1. >>OziMail4U

    >>OziMail4U Guest

    Great Prices on a large range of Generic US Made Ink/Laser Jet Printer
    Laser Drums made in the USA.
    Lets see if our prices are the best by giving us a go.
    Drop me a line (so to speak)
    Be specific and detailed.

    Provide a model number of printing device.
    Eg: Canon BJ3000 or HP 710C
    Provide Cartridge Type number of original Brand.
    Eg: Canon BCI-3e
    The colour of cartridges you require: Black/Magenta(Blue)/Cyan(red)/Yellow.

    Include your Contact Details.

    We only supply by mail order from Sydney NSW.

    Reply To Email:
    SMS/Mobile: 0415 238914
    >>OziMail4U, Jun 30, 2004
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