FS: ADAPTEC PowerDomain AHA-2940AU PCI SCSI card for PCs

Discussion in 'Computing' started by swler, Sep 13, 2003.

  1. swler

    swler Guest

    For Sale:
    ADAPTEC PowerDomain AHA-2940AU PCI SCSI card for PCs.
    This SCSI card goes into the PCI slot in PCs.
    Maximize the speed of your desktop system to a 20 MB/sec, UltraSCSI data
    transfer rate and connect up to seven SCSI devices with the Adaptec
    AHA-2940 Ultra, PCI-to-Ultra SCSI host adapter.
    The card has an internal standard male 50 pin SCSI connector to connect
    the internal SCSI ribbon onto, as well as an external narrow 50 pin
    connector for external connections.
    Ideal for today's high-performance desktop PCs running professional
    applications and high-performance peripherals, the AHA-2940 Ultra optimizes
    operating systems such as Windows NT and Windows 95. In addition to speed,
    the AHA-2940 Ultra host adapter provides a high-performance bus mastering
    feature that regulates data movement directly between peripherals and system
    memory. Tested for compatibility with more than 200 systems and peripherals
    from major manufacturers, the AHA-2940 Ultra is one of the most compatible
    host adapters in the industry.

    System Requirements
    * IBM-compatible PC-486, Pentium, or above
    * Microsoft® Windows XP, Windows 95/98, Windows Me, Microsoft Windows 2000
    * Professional, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 3.1, or DOS 6.0, OS/2, UNIX or

    For more information on this item go to:

    Comes with software drivers for above operating systems.
    Email me for picture or any questions you might have.
    $29!! bargain
    swler, Sep 13, 2003
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  2. swler

    sdfs Guest

    Where are U? I am interested am in ACT
    sdfs, Sep 15, 2003
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