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    Leo Laporte of "The Tech Guy" Radio Show fame Highly Recommends
    This Terrific Free Service called "Dropbox".

    The URL is:

    Copy and Paste the URL into the Address Bar of your Web Browser.
    Once the web page loads, you can read more information on
    Dropbox, and sign up for it if you like.

    The Dropbox software installs quickly and easily, requires very
    little system resources, and operates silently in the background.
    It will create a Dropbox folder on your computer and everything
    you place in it will be automatically backed up to your free online
    account. Install it on multiple computers (including work computers
    if you wish) and the Dropbox folders on all of them will be kept
    synchronized with each other, and with your online Dropbox folder.
    Now all your important files will be easily accessible from any
    computer you have with Dropbox installed on it.

    The Dropbox "Public" subfolder can be used to share files of any
    size or type with family and friends, and you can host files from
    the "Public" folder. Just a couple mouse clicks is all it takes
    to have the web address of a file in the "Public" subfolder
    automatically copied to the Windows Clipboard. That makes pasting
    it into an email or HTML editor quick and easy. I host some of my
    eBay Ad images with Dropbox, and the images load instantly.

    Use the URL I have provided above to sign up and you will also
    get an extra 250 MB of free online storage (in addition to the
    2000 MB that you get in your free account). Need more than
    2250 MB of Online Storage? No Problem. Give referrals to
    everyone you know, and everytime someone signs up, you'll
    each get an extra 250 MB of Free Online Storage added to
    your Free Account. Need a lot of additional Online Storage,
    just sign up for a "Paid" Dropbox account.

    Here is something else Terrific you can do with this service.
    How would you like to be able to copy and paste clipboard contents
    between all the computers you have Dropbox installed on. Since
    Dropbox goes to work updating any changes to it's Dropbox folder
    immediately, it only takes seconds for text you've copied to the
    clipboard on one computer to be available for pasting on another.
    To have this great functionality, just follow the steps below:

    Step 1
    First, Download and install the free Scripting Utility called
    "AutoHotKey". It's a Great Free Utility for Creating your own
    Hotkeys, HotStrings, and Macros. It contains the engine that
    runs the script below. AutoHotKey is available here:

    Step 2
    Create a Subfolder called "Temp" in the Dropbox Folder.

    Step 3
    Just save the text between "Start" and "Finish" lines
    below to a text file using the name "DropClip.ahk".
    Make sure you save the "DropClip.ahk" file to the
    AutoHotKey\Compiler Subfolder.

    Step 4
    Create a Desktop Shortcut to the "DropClip.ahk" file.

    Step 5
    Double Click the "DropClip.ahk" Desktop Shortcut
    to activate the Script. The Hotkeys for copying and
    pasting the clipboard contents between Dropbox
    installed computers is now at your service.


    ---- Start ---
    ; Hotkey: Press Right Control Key and the "C" Key
    Rctrl & c:: ; Save Clipboard Text to Dropbox clip.txt file
    clipboard =
    sendplay, ^c
    ClipWait, 2
    if ErrorLevel
    MsgBox, Clipboard is Empty
    IfExist, C:\Dropbox\Temp\clip.txt
    FileDelete, C:\Dropbox\Temp\clip.txt
    FileAppend, %clipboard%, C:\Dropbox\Temp\clip.txt

    ; Hotkey: Press Right Control Key and the "V" Key
    Rctrl & v:: ; Read Clipboard Text from Dropbox clip.txt file
    clip =
    FileRead, clipboard, C:\Dropbox\Temp\clip.txt
    if (ErrorLevel >0 or clip = "")
    Msgbox, Clipboard Empty or Clip File is Missing!
    sendplay, ^v
    ---- Finish ---
    usenetfarmer, Jul 24, 2011
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