Extract a driver?

Discussion in 'DIY Computers' started by UJ, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. UJ

    UJ Guest

    I have a pc with a dazzle capture card and tv tuner.

    It is on a system which I have reformatted and now cant find thge driver as
    i lost the disc.

    But I have an image of the original syatem with the driver in place.

    Can I load the image onto a spare hd and somehow extract the driver I need
    from it?

    Then transfer that driver to the newly reformatted hard drive?
    UJ, Feb 9, 2011
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  2. UJ

    Borg Guest

    Maybe using a virtual drive with http://daemon-tools.en.softonic.com/
    and mount the image.
    Borg, Feb 9, 2011
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  3. UJ

    Chris Whelan Guest

    What software did you use to create the image?

    Chris Whelan, Feb 9, 2011
  4. UJ

    Species8472 Guest

    I've done this several times successfully for various bits of hardware,
    so the extraction bit should work. I'm assuming that loading the image
    onto a spare hd won't present a problem..

    You may find that the driver files are scattered around in various,
    non-obvious, folders. However, generally the driver install process will
    show you the name of the file it is looking for. It helps to have a
    "file find" window or two open, looking at the spare hd, so that you can
    locate the file currently being asked for and hence tell the install
    process where to look for it.

    Tip: If this finds it in a hardware-specific folder, brill, use that one
    and it should find all the others needed in the same place. That can
    save a lot of time and effort.. Otherwise most likely the files will be
    in the "inf" and "dll" folders within the system folder and you will
    have to keep telling the install process to go and look in the other one ;)

    I'm afraid that, with something complicated like a tv/capture card -
    there may also be chunks in the registry that are needed for full
    functionality. Generally they aren't too difficult to find and copy
    over, but you will need to load the registry file on the spare hdd to
    access them. See:


    Species8472, Feb 9, 2011
  5. UJ

    Chris Whelan Guest

    Are the drivers not available on Pinnacle's website?


    The list looks pretty comprehensive to me.

    Chris Whelan, Feb 9, 2011
  6. UJ

    GB Guest

    This sounds like really hard work by the time you have worked out which
    files you need plus the registry entries. What are the card details, as the
    chances are that the drivers are available online?
    GB, Feb 9, 2011
  7. UJ

    UJ Guest

    that`s the problem guys i`m usually a dab hand at finding drivers but the
    only info on the card is

    super digital video dazzle series

    then a box ticked at `pal I`

    on the back is a sticker which says `super digital video master series` then
    a serial number

    s/n 692131410013439

    ok so after writing the above i did indeed install the backup onto a 20gb hd
    then i went to device man and there were 2 entries one for capture one for
    in the details it listed all the drivers used they were in sys32 and

    i thought i could just put the files back in the relevant folders but then
    as an alternative i seached jeeves for a free driver backup prog

    took me here


    i thought.....there will be a `you gotta buy` catch somewhere

    i backed up the 2 drivers went back to the new install on the other hard
    drive and installed them



    so i`ll never know if the copying files method would have worked

    thanks for the help guys i appreciate it.
    UJ, Feb 9, 2011
  8. UJ

    UJ Guest

    ha ha now I need more help

    the software on the pc was windvr which I don`t have

    anyone know of some generic free software that can be used to tune in the
    freeview channels and record video from the video in socket?
    UJ, Feb 10, 2011
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