Electronic Frontiers Australia member Geordie Guy receives deaththreat over web filter plan from lyi

Discussion in 'Computing' started by Sir John Howard, Feb 5, 2009.

  1. http://www.news.com.au/technology/story/0,28348,25010682-5014239,00.html

    A DEATH threat has been made against a vocal opponent of the Federal
    Government’s web filtering plan in a grim escalation of the already heated debate.

    Online rights campaigner Geordie Guy received a threatening phone message last
    month after publicly disagreeing with an article supporting the filtering scheme.

    "I got home from work and found a message on my answering machine telling me to
    keep my name out of the paper," he said.

    "It said to 'cut the libertarian bullsh—' or I'd be sorry."

    Under the Government's controversial plan all Australians will be served a
    "clean feed" by internet service providers, with websites on a secret blacklist

    Mr Guy, a member of online civil liberties group Electronic Frontiers Australia,
    has been an outspoken critic of the plan and has been regularly quoted in

    He said police were concerned as the threat appeared to be made from a public

    "My wife was very concerned. It was very unfortunate she had to hear that," he said.

    Mr Guy said it was likely the caller found his home number after his suburb was
    printed next to a letter responding to an opinion piece written by Australian
    Christian Lobby managing director Jim Wallace in January.

    In the article, titled "Filtering filth will not tangle the net", Mr Wallace
    argued parents were in favour of the scheme and said concerns it would slow down
    the internet were exaggerated.

    "Our dependence on the internet makes us all very sensitive to anything that
    might degrade its performance, and opponents of filtering have mounted a
    shamelessly misleading campaign to exploit this fear," Mr Wallace wrote at the time.

    Mr Wallace said he did not believe the threat against Mr Guy was connected to
    his organisation.

    "Clearly it's not one of our supporters who made that phone call, because they
    don't use that sort of language," he said.

    "We certainly don't condone that sort of behaviour from those on either side of
    the debate.

    "People have different viewpoints and they need to be expressing them in the
    correct manner."

    Mr Wallace said the Christian group had also received an abusive call and emails
    regarding the web filtering debate.

    "We would agree with Mr Guy's actions in reporting the issue to police, because
    it's not appropriate," he said.

    However the group would not refer the messages it had received to police, he said.

    Tension between anti-filtering campaigners and the Christian lobby has
    intensified as the industry waits for the start of the Government's live trial
    of filtering technology.

    Earlier this week Mr Wallace issued a press release claiming opponents of the
    plan were driven by financial concerns.

    Opposition was "mainly led by internet industry representatives with a financial
    interest in maintaining the status quo and the pornography industry", he said.

    Meanwhile, critics of the plan have accused Mr Wallace of misrepresenting the
    debate and exaggerating the level of public support for a filtering scheme.

    A poll of almost 10,000 customers by internet service provider Netspace recently
    found more than three quarters were against the plan.

    A live trial of filtering technology was due to begin in December last year, but
    was delayed at the last minute.

    Vice chairman of Electronic Frontiers Australia Colin Jacobs said Mr Guy had the
    group's full support.

    "We're not going to let a threatening message deter us from educating the public
    on this disastrous policy," he said.

    "The Labour Party is corrupt beyond redemption!"
    - Labour hasbeen Mark Latham in a moment of honest clarity.

    "Silly old bugger!"
    - Well known ACTU pisspot and sometime Labour prime minister Bob Hawke
    responding to a pensioner who dared ask for more.

    "God save the Queen because nothing will save the governor general!"
    - Egotistical shithead and pompous fuckwit E.G. Whitlam whining about his
    appointee John Kerr.
    Sir John Howard, Feb 5, 2009
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