Do you guys just search and search for different suppliers?

Discussion in 'PC Hardware' started by jm, Aug 1, 2003.

  1. jm

    jm Guest

    Man this is hard work. I am looking here and there to beat shipping and
    other stuff. I find a little cheaper here and there, maybe a dollar or two,
    but it adds up.

    Do you folks just stick to one supplier or use something like and look for the best deal?
    jm, Aug 1, 2003
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  2. jm

    jm Guest

    Did you develop a good relationship or is it just cheaper where you live?
    jm, Aug 1, 2003
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  3. I use Pricewatch to get ball park prices. Then I watch local ads for the
    best deals I can find.

    My first criteria is the least out of pocket cost for the item. I normally
    don't allow rebates to influence my buying decision. If initial cost is
    right and there is a rebate as well I'll send it in but I don't count on it
    showing up rapidly.

    I try to use coupons from the office supply stores to lower my out of pocket
    expense. Most office supply stores will send coupons via email if you sign
    up at their websites for early ad notification or similar.

    Here's an example from this week:

    Maxtor 120 GB, 8 MB cache, 7200 RPM, ATA 133 Hard Drive (Retail packaged NOT
    Cash price: $96.13 which includes tax (no shipping)
    $30 MIR which if received will reduce the cost to $66.13 (other people have
    managed better through price matches, etc. but $96 keeps me happy with the
    possibility of $66)

    Office Depot advertised price: $109.84
    Less coupon for $20 off $100 purchase: $89.84
    Tax (7%(ouch)): $6.29
    Cash price: $96.13 (I couldn't find that HD on Pricewatch for that price)
    Less $30 MIR: $66.13

    Some things I buy at a computer show that comes to my area about once a
    month. I use Pricewatch as a reference so I can tell if a computer show
    merchant has a reasonable price. I limit my purchases to new, in-the-box,
    retail packaged items with full manufacturer warranty........just in case.
    Last month I got my Athlon 2500 XP+ (retail package) for $95 which was very
    close to the lowest price I found on Pricewatch.

    I have one local small shop that I buy from once in a while. The owner's
    prices are a mixed bag of reasonable to verging on outrageous for some
    things. I only buy the reasonably priced items he offers.

    Just shop around.......the deals are available with a little
    effort......such as mouse clicks!

    Check the following for deals: (be sure to check the forums) (be sure to check the forums) (Sunday ad items listed by state for most of the big
    retailers) (sign up for email deals, coupons, and offers) (sign up for email deals, coupons, and offers) (sign up for email deals, coupons, and offers)

    Check a merchant's reliability here:

    callsignviper, Aug 1, 2003
  4. jm

    MCheu Guest

    I do the same as Strontium. I too, buy locally, unless I can't find
    what I need.

    I live in Toronto, so prices are pretty good locally, but things
    aren't *THAT* much cheaper outside Toronto (in fact just outside of
    town, stuff is a few bucks cheaper still). Buying online is just
    basically mail order, so there's shipping to consider, and some online
    stores seem to get really creative with shipping/handling fees to
    recoup the cost of selling hardware at their list prices.

    There's also more to buying locally than just the cost (and you don't
    save much online IMO). Here are my reasons for buying locally:

    First, we're talking about instant gratification here. That's a
    biggie. If I buy online, I would have to wait a few days to weeks for
    processing and shipping. If I buy locally, I'm at home and online
    with my loot the same day.

    Second, before buying, I can play around with the display models in
    the store. While you online buyers are staring at the pictures and
    asking for advice on USENET, I've already sampled the goods and know
    which one is good for me.

    Third, if it doesn't work out, there's enough complaints about crappy
    online customer service on the boards for me to know that it's going
    to take a lot of phone tag, red tape, and waiting to get a defective
    thingy replaced. Locally, I can take it back for an exchange the same
    day. Sweet.

    Fourth, if I need help figuring out stuff, good luck to those of you
    who bought online. Get another hobby while you're on hold (and
    racking up the long distance charges) or waiting for your email
    response. It takes considerably less time to get help from a local
    store, and because their volume is less, they might actually know who
    you are and exactly what you're talking about. If not, I can haul my
    rig down to the store and show the guy what I'm talking about.
    MCheu, Aug 1, 2003
  5. jm

    Gary Tait Guest

    And you can get small goodies for free. When I bough my system last
    summer, I am sure they threw in the cooler. A few weeks ago, I popped
    in looking for some RJ45 connectors, they just gave me a couple.
    Gary Tait, Aug 1, 2003
  6. jm

    Gary Tait Guest

    I shop around my local stores for small bits. (because I can), and
    they won't be any cheaper online or retail from a city vendor (in
    fact, Future Shop's price on Ethernet cabling is atrocious, I buy that
    loccally, unless I can manage to reach a vendor I know that can beat
    even local).

    For larger bits, if I can get by with used, or think I can get a
    better deal than new or NOS that a vendor has around, I'll use E-bay.

    For new, I'll usually wait till I go to a city, unless I need it right
    away, and am willing to pay a bit more for that, or will get close to
    the same deal as if I waited to go to the city..
    Gary Tait, Aug 1, 2003
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