Dell/EMC AX100 UPS

Discussion in 'Storage' started by Guy Dawson, Jun 10, 2008.

  1. Guy Dawson

    Guy Dawson Guest

    We've just bought an AX100 on ebay and have it running in our test
    environment. Cheap and cheerful...

    While we can run it on a UPS we don't have any signalling set-up so
    the AX100 does not know it's on a UPS and does not enable the write
    cache in the storage processors.

    Does anyone know what third party UPS (I assume Dell/EMC badge engineer)
    I could use - if any - to get the UPS signalling to work?


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    Guy Dawson I.T. Manager Crossflight Ltd
    Guy Dawson, Jun 10, 2008
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  2. Guy Dawson

    Guy Dawson Guest

    Good spot - thanks.
    Looking at the above URL the AX100 was bundled with what looks like a
    stock APC 750 Smart-UPS. Hopefully with the right cable - AP9613 DB9 to
    RJ45 I think - and a Smart-UPS we should be in business.
    Indeed. We have a CX300 together with two 'SPS' UPSs and a signalling
    cable in another rack.
    Yup. Typically the batteries are sized to hold the data for several
    It does on our CX300. We've run HP RAID cards with DAS and the
    RAID cards have a battery backed write cache. Just don't have the
    power off for too long!

    Guy Dawson, Jun 25, 2008
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