Dell 20" ultra sharp

Discussion in 'Computing' started by [BnH], Jun 29, 2005.

  1. [BnH]

    [BnH] Guest

    [BnH], Jun 29, 2005
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  2. [BnH]

    TheMartian Guest

    check out the viewing angle, one of the worse I have seen in quite a while

    I use multiple samsung 913B (19", 8ms, 170/170 viewing, DVI, 700:1)
    street price on those things is around the $600-700 mark, for a much
    better quality LCD
    TheMartian, Jun 29, 2005
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  3. [BnH]

    [BnH] Guest

    Thanks for that. after seeing that I just realised it really put down
    88degree viewing angle.
    Darn .. I think its the same like my passive screen 10 yo laptop :p

    [BnH], Jun 29, 2005
  4. [BnH]

    Warmingup Guest

    I don't think a narrow viewing angle is a REAL problem in a desktop
    environment as one generally sits right in front.

    The rest I can't comment on....But I'd be surprised if it's any where near
    as good as the 20" apple LCDs I have just purchased, I'm thinking of getting
    a few for my PC as well.........

    Warmingup, Jun 29, 2005
  5. I think you'll find the Apple monitors these days are built by Samsung.

    Andrew Hennell, Jun 29, 2005
  6. [BnH]

    Trevor_S Guest

    My understaning was that it was 88 either side of the centre, so to compare
    to Samsungs "170" (ie aplles to apples), you need 88 x 2 = "176"

    Trevor S

    "Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth."
    -Albert Einstein
    Trevor_S, Jun 29, 2005
  7. [BnH]

    Roy Mock Guest

    Does that mean we can't compare Samsungs to Apples? :))
    Roy Mock, Jun 29, 2005
  8. [BnH]

    atec Guest

    Try to get a comparision to other brands , I have a couple of cmv 20"
    and I suggest if able take a look at those .
    atec, Jun 29, 2005
  9. [BnH]

    TheMartian Guest

    sure are, which is one of the reasons I went for samsung over apple, the
    price difference made it a no brainer
    TheMartian, Jun 29, 2005
  10. [BnH]

    TheMartian Guest

    not in this case, its h/v, look at the samsung offering on the same page
    TheMartian, Jun 29, 2005
  11. [BnH]

    [BnH] Guest

    I did mate.
    So far I can't see any wide 20" CMV's in our price list. The next inline is
    only Viewsonic VP201b that cost around 40% more.

    Btw .. does CMV sell normal 20" LCD now ? Guess I have to ring our
    distributor to update our price list.

    [BnH], Jun 29, 2005
  12. [BnH]

    Roy Mock Guest

    If anyone wants to compare prices (than specs), the following might be
    useful as a reference point.

    I notice it does not list every conceivable product or range, though.

    Roy Mock, Jun 29, 2005
  13. [BnH]

    Trevor_S Guest

    As far as I know it is
    Exacty, 88 "either side" of the axis, both on the horizontal and vertical
    Exactly ... once again, if you want to "compare" it to the Samsungs you
    have to "double it", as that's the way Samsung report theirs. Or another
    way. 1/2 Samsungs to compare to the Dell, Samsungs is "85 degrees."

    Trevor S

    "Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth."
    -Albert Einstein
    Trevor_S, Jun 29, 2005
  14. [BnH]

    Henrik Tived Guest

    only difference is that you paid for the apple - everyone else didn't which
    include Samsung and dell 20" screens - only difference is case! and apple!
    I was going to get apple cinema display too - but these once here are
    equally good and much cheaper

    but, the apple is stunning to look at!

    Henrik Tived, Jun 29, 2005
  15. [BnH]

    Rob Guest

    Ah yes made by Samsung.
    Rob, Jun 29, 2005
  16. [BnH]

    Rob Guest

    Why would you go out and buy a 20" Dell for $825 when you can get the
    SAMSUNG 913V 19" LCD MONITOR 12ms 0-dead-pixel $495
    SAMSUNG 913N 19" LCD MONIOTR 8ms 0-dead-pixel $600

    I like to save a quid and have just slightly less for more than 30% less.

    LCD monitors are comming down in price every day.

    Seen a XXXX? brand 19" 12ms for $400 at the weekend.

    What I have seen I do like the Samsung.

    Rob, Jun 29, 2005
  17. [BnH]

    Caitlin Guest

    Caitlin, Jun 29, 2005
  18. [BnH]

    [BnH] Guest

    Because wide screen is the current trend now ? :p
    Anyway I think I will postpone my buy as my manager is offering me a too
    good to be true offer on one of the brand we carry ;)
    + there is a $99 shipping fee that makes the figure upto $925 .. whilst last
    time they were clearing if for $900 including postage.

    [BnH], Jun 29, 2005
  19. [BnH]

    Fred At Home Guest

    What are you smoking? The Dell is a wide-screen 1680x1050 resolution monitor
    that you would sit directly in front of. Viewing angle is hardly an issue
    with a desktop PC. Your Samsungs are simply very average and I bet you're
    pissed that you didn't wait for a decent wide-screen LCD.
    Fred At Home, Jul 2, 2005
  20. [BnH]

    Rob Guest

    Thats simply not true angle of view is important.
    Rob, Jul 2, 2005
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