Computer turns on but nothing displays on monitor

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by matt5342, Apr 29, 2012.

  1. matt5342


    Apr 29, 2012
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    Hey guys,
    Computer is custom built, Windows 7 64-bit OEM, nvidia 9800gt graphics card, Foxconn motherboard, intel processor (I'll get the specs after I get off work if needed)

    My computer has been dead for a couple weeks. It started when i was browsing online and it just turned off immediately. I tried to turn it on, it went to the advanced boot options menu with safe mode, etc. I started it normally, it went to the windows icon like it was booting but then turned off again. I turned it back on and tried safe mode. Safe mode booted up then after about 5 minutes in safe mode it turned off again.

    I reseated most of the connections in my computer and turned it on again. nothing displayed on the monitor and it just turned on, then turned off. I tried it again later and it showed up on the monitor. It booted up fine and got to my normal home screen. I turned on my avast antivirus immediately just in case, but after about 5 minutes the computer turned off again.

    I wasnt able to get anything at all to show up on the monitor after that. The computer would turn on, then turn off, nothing on the monitor.

    I walked through some troubleshooting, tightened my screws, cleaned up the inside, reseated the graphics card and all the power connectors. I also reset the CMOS manually with the jumper.

    After I reset the CMOS, the computer turns on and stays on, but still nothing displays on the monitor.
    I'm thinking I need a new graphics card?
    Anything you guys suggest I try before buying a new card?
    Thanks ALOT!!
    matt5342, Apr 29, 2012
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  2. matt5342

    darthweb VIP Member

    Jan 9, 2006
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    diagnosis sounds about right ... I'd say it sounds like graphics card or PSU but then again could be the motherboard.

    borrow a graphics card off a friend or try the onboard graphics (if it has that) to narrow it down a bit.
    darthweb, Apr 30, 2012
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