Compact storage server or storage tower w/ 8 Bays (Min)

Discussion in 'Storage' started by Gaiko, Jan 16, 2011.

  1. Gaiko

    Gaiko Guest

    I am trying to find an 8bay (minimum) storage tower that doesn't take
    up a ton of space *and* doesn't cost a fortune. The best option would
    be a minimally sized self contained box like a via box I read about
    (but can't find for sale) (

    The second best option is a tower that has a basic (JBOD, no raid
    needed since I plan on using ZFS) 8 disk controller (8 dsk ctrlr so I
    don't have to have mult eSATA cables). I haven't found anything like
    this yet.

    The third best/least preferable is the options are what I have found
    already is the Rosewill RSV-S8 and the SANS DIGITAL TR8U but they are
    more than i need (don't need raid if I'm using ZFS).

    If I go the storage tower route (ie with no mobo/microproc, unlike the
    via solution) then I will need to invest in a computer as well and
    since I am looking for compact I was looking at mini-computers.
    Problem is I would need something that has a minimum of 2 eSATA ports
    or can accept a eSATA card and most of them look like they don't have
    this integrated and are too small to take a card; I am sure there is
    one out there, I just can't seem to find it.

    I am not looking to spend much on this, max $450 which also limits my
    options (that is $450 for Storage Tower + Mini-Comp **or** $450 for
    full compact 8-bay storage server). Any recommendations for hardware
    that fits my needs would *really* be appreciated or if there is some
    compact/affordable option that would allow me to install OpenSolaris/
    FreeBSD/FreeNAS I'm all ears! (please don't suggest a monster Drobo,
    I'd have to put out a 3rd mortgage just to put a down payment for one
    of those things)

    -Compact as Possible
    -One box solution (server) or two box solution (mini-comp + storage
    -8 Bay Minimum
    -Cheap (~$450, willing to sacrifce performance)
    -Preferably something with a 8 port controller (so I don't have to run
    multiple eSATA cables)


    Gaiko, Jan 16, 2011
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