Cnet - five favorite free Windows utilities

Discussion in 'Computing' started by felix_unger, Oct 18, 2014.

  1. felix_unger

    felix_unger Guest

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  2. felix_unger

    Rod Speed Guest

    I prefer something with a lot more horsepower than dashlane.

    I want something that keeps all the info you ever put into forms
    when signing up anywhere and will put all that stuff on the form
    you are filling out for anything so all that is just done with one click.

    And which keeps track of any password you ever enter anywhere
    and which offers to keep that for you when its seen you use it for
    the first time.

    And which completely automates all the sites that you ever
    use your password on so that all you have to do is indicate
    which site you want to go to and it goes there and logs in
    and goes to where you routinely want to go on that site.

    Roboform leaves Dashlane for dead IMO.

    The main thing it cant do is work like that on iOS for
    iphones and ipads but that’s because Apple doesn’t
    allow that.

    I prefer AVG Free to Malware bytes, mainly because it
    does detect arsehole installs attempting to hijack your
    system. I do use it the way he uses Malware bytes tho.
    Rod Speed, Oct 19, 2014
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