CL vid driver problem w/ win XP on Visualize workstation

Discussion in 'PC Hardware' started by Rainer Wiechmann, Jul 20, 2003.

  1. Hi,
    I just purchased a used HP Visualize x550 workstation running 2 Xeon
    PIII 550's/512Mb/9.1Gig Cheetah scsi etc.
    As this was a used computer it was sold clean, without any OS onboard. I
    am using the machine primarily for digital audio/video apps and wish to
    use Win XP.
    Upon installing XP everything set up as intended except the onboard
    Cirrus logic 5480 video card, and the on-board Analog Devices 1816A
    audio, which I am not using anyway. I do not know for certain if the
    Cirrus is an fx2 or fx4 card??? However, XP only sees the Cirrus logic
    card but not the associated video driver. It sets me up with a default
    16bit color / 800x600 VGA driver and does not allow any further
    enhancements of the display. The device manager shows the card but also
    shows a question mark associated with a "video driver" which is not
    It did the same for the 1816A, but I was able do download a driver and
    enable it, to at least get rid of the ??? in the system, even though I
    am not using it. All attempts to find a XP specific compatible "video
    driver" for the 5480 have failed so far.
    Part of the problem is that I do NOT have any setup disks or drivers for
    this workstation, and had to rely on the setup from XP to load any PnP
    drivers for the system. Obviously, not all required drivers for specific
    products are resident on XP....If I had an actual driver for the required
    Cirrus Logic Video Controller it may work perfectly well for XP without
    any difficulty, as do many of my other programs/hardware.
    I hope that someone out there who has upgraded a similar system
    (Visualize x-series, or Kayak) outfitted with a Cirrus Logic card has
    the required system driver(s) they could forward to me.
    All indications are that he Cirrus is a kickass video card...It would be a
    real shame to be unable to make use of it. I have temporarily replaced
    it with a Creative 3D 32MB card...which works ok, but I can't help but
    think that I am missing something by not using the Cirrus....

    Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.

    Rainer Wiechmann, Jul 20, 2003
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