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Discussion in 'System Building & Upgrades' started by Feartheterp, May 5, 2009.

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    Like the title says I am thinking about building a cheap build right now because I got my hands on a free Intel Core Duo E7200 running at 2.53Ghz and then I can also get a 1gb stick of DDR2 667 ram as well :). I will also be using my tower case and dvd drive.

    So since then I will need;
    1. Motherboard
    2. Another gig of ram most likely(I will be running Windows XP Pro. Can XP recognize 4GB of ram?)
    3. Hard drive(All of my hard drives are currently IDE and I am guessing it wouldn't be to smart to use those on a new system even if you can?)
    4. Power Supply (I think I need the hook up for the PCI-Express graphics card)
    5. Graphics card
    6. Misc other things. I don't know if I will need heatsinks and fans to keep cooling down. I really don't know to much about all of that. I assume I will need a nice heatsink because all I am getting is the processor itself and the 1GB of ram.

    I did some looking around on newegg and found some parts I liked:

    For motherboard this seems quite nice:
    I know it says Open Box so I doubt I get a warrenty and does that mean somone returned it because they didn't need it or its broken? I don't know if they test it. I was just thinking it has the extra ram slots in case I ever make the move to Vista or the Windows 7 in the future with this machiene
    Also on another note I know this board says its Crossfire ready. Does this mean I have to buy two PCI-Express graphics card?


    Power Supply:

    Hard drive:

    As far as the graphics card I really don't have any idea. I know the board I picked out is Crossfire ready but for my $300 budget I don't know if I can get two good graphics card. Also I really don't know much about getting heatsinks and collers for the processor.
    Feartheterp, May 5, 2009
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