Canon iP1900 problem

Discussion in 'PC Technical Talk' started by Graham J, Apr 27, 2012.

  1. Graham J

    Graham J Guest

    Canon iP1900 printer connected via USB to PC running XP Pro. Prints OK.

    Printer is shared: other XP clients on the LAN can see the printer and
    use it.

    Connect a laptop running Windows 7 64-bit to the LAN. Can see XP file
    shares OK, can see that there is a Canon iP1900 printer on the XP machine.

    Tell Win 7 to "connect" to the printer. Complains there is no suitable
    driver on the network, suggests manual intervention. No option to
    automatically search the web. We don't have a disk for the printer
    (user has lost it!)

    Look on Canon website - no driver for iP1900 printer to suit Win 7
    64-bit is available.

    Connect printer direct to Windows 7 64-bit laptop using USB. Driver is
    found automatigically and printer produces test page. So there is a
    suitable driver already built into Windows!

    Reconnect printer to XP machine, try using standard TCP/IP driver and
    the IP address of the XP machine; installation completes, but printer is
    shown as offline. Set it to online, printing hangs - requires cancel
    job and reboot.

    So how to I get the Win 7 machine to use its driver to talk to the
    network printer?

    I've never had this problem with other makes of printer - if a driver
    works using the USB connection then telling the Win 7 machine to connect
    to a shared printer also works. Often it is sufficient to install the
    driver and tell it to look on the LAN for the printer ...

    Graham J, Apr 27, 2012
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