BSOD & post intall errors

Discussion in 'PC Hardware' started by brad hill, Jan 23, 2004.

  1. brad hill

    brad hill Guest

    Just put together what I thought was a simple PC. Matsonic mobo with onboard
    graphics/ sound. Plumbed in an Athlon 1400 XP, fan, old CD Rom drive, HDD
    and FDD and 256 of ram.

    Fired up no probs. Installed XP no probs.

    Job done or so I thought. I have tried to install Norton AV and before the
    install has finished obtained all manner of Norton Error messages re missing
    dlls etc. Tried to install Word from Ofice XP and whilst eventually I got a
    complete and succesful install, eveytime I open Word I get the old 'error -
    send report to MS. Both these progs have also resulted in a BSOD when

    I have succesfully installed Norton Systemworks 02 - just to see if this
    could find errors. This installed ok but hasn't cured the problem. NTL
    Broadband also installed ok.

    I can't see how windows can be corrupted, but thought maybe the BIOS may
    need an update.

    Theres not much hardware to go wrong and the system generally is stable
    apart from these 2 programmes. Any ideas where to start looking?
    brad hill, Jan 23, 2004
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