Black Screen ,No POST Screen

Discussion in 'PC Hardware' started by DaveBlake, Feb 1, 2007.

  1. DaveBlake

    DaveBlake Guest

    I need a little help here. Computer upstairs the screen stays black, I left
    it on overnight as I have done many times before. I thought it was in sleep
    mode. Couldn't bring it back up so I used the power button to shut it down
    waited a few minutes and tried to start it.The screen stays black, I don't
    even get a POST screen. Nor do I get any beeps from the mother board, the
    fans seem to be running though. I have replaced the cr2032 battery on the
    mother board, removed and reinserted the cards. I tried different memory and
    a new video card all to no avail, I have also removed and reinstalled the
    cpu and fan, cleared the cmos via the jumper setting. I have also removed
    all pci cards and still nothing on boot up but all 7 fans fire up just fine,
    and it sounds like the had drive is working, optical mouse lights up so I am
    at a loss since the machine hasn't had a hardware problem since I built it 4
    years ago
    It has a SOYO K7ADA MB with an AMD 1600 processor and it gave me no
    indications of any problem

    DaveBlake, Feb 1, 2007
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  2. DaveBlake

    JAD Guest

    sounds like the mainboard died check the caps on the soyo, that was one of
    the hardest hit brands for defective (cheap) capacitors.
    Bulging and/or leaking is no good
    JAD, Feb 1, 2007
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  3. DaveBlake

    Rod Speed Guest

    Very unlikely indeed.
    I suggest you take your suggestion and shove it where the sun dont shine.
    Rod Speed, Feb 1, 2007
  4. DaveBlake

    Klaatu Guest

    Have you tried a different monitor, or tested that monitor on another
    Klaatu, Feb 1, 2007
  5. No beep means no POST. Remove EVERYTHING except CPU, should give
    continuous series of beeps. If not, is CPU, PSU or motherboard. Try temp PSU
    first, cheapest option.
    Michael Hawes, Feb 1, 2007
  6. DaveBlake

    DaveBl Guest

    I have swapped monitors, I really should have included that in my origial
    Thanks Again

    Have you tried a different monitor, or tested that monitor on another
    DaveBl, Feb 2, 2007
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