Bill Gates not happy about $100 laptops to third world countries

Discussion in 'Computing' started by John, Mar 26, 2006.

  1. John

    John Guest

    See web page link below for full article.

    I knew Bill was a bit of a generous person when it comes to charities
    but in this article he sounds like a spoilt pratt in my very humble

    Or maybe he's just not happy that they chose Linux over Windows .

    They're making very cheap laptops for third world countries and he's
    upset that they chose not to use Windows but the the lovely Linux
    as their operating system and that the machine has a hand crank
    for power......

    Bill you sound elitist
    John, Mar 26, 2006
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  2. John

    Rod Speed Guest

    Or maybe he does have a point with the
    completely silly idea of it being hand cranked.
    Mindless silly stuff on your part.
    That last is mindlessly silly IMO.
    John, you sound like a complete dill.
    Rod Speed, Mar 26, 2006
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  3. John

    Uncle Bully Guest

    I bought this funny radio/torch thing from Dick Smith that was both solar
    powered and crank powered. The theory was I could take it down the beach and
    not have to worry about batteries. NIce idea, but it was a complete waste of
    time and it ended up in the rubbish.
    The hand crank may sound nice in theory, but I can't see it working out in
    Uncle Bully, Mar 26, 2006
  4. John

    Rod Speed Guest

    Yeah, in spades when you are trying to type
    on the keyboard at the same time etc.
    Rod Speed, Mar 26, 2006
  5. John

    DalienX Guest

    Concidering its quite impossible to buy a copy of windows xp for less
    than $100 Its hardly suprising they went with linux.
    If poor old bill is so upset about missing out he should drop the price
    of his os.
    DalienX, Mar 26, 2006
  6. John

    atec77 Guest

    You utter lack of reality and comprehension is once again confirmed
    Its a very good point and your lack of comprehension is once again
    Not to anyone with a clue , which once again proves your utter lack of
    comprehension of anything more difficult than fetching water from the well
    you are an utter dickhead once again proven by your lack of
    comprehension and failure to recognize the truth or reality .
    atec77, Mar 26, 2006
  7. John

    Rod Speed Guest

    Some gutless fuckwit desperately cowering behind
    shit thats all it can ever manage.
    Rod Speed, Mar 26, 2006
  8. John

    atec77 Guest

    Game , set and match
    atec77, Mar 26, 2006
  9. John

    Kirilenko Guest

    And where else are they going to get power from?

    They don't have electricity and you can't pop down to the local store
    to buy batteries.
    Kirilenko, Mar 26, 2006
  10. John

    Kirilenko Guest

    I have one of the hand-crank torches. Works great.
    Kirilenko, Mar 26, 2006
  11. John

    Xerxes Guest

    Yes Rod, Bill does have a point about a computer needing to be 'cranked' to
    have it work. Trouble is that where they are planning to send these items,
    they don't have electricity, and I might daresay old chap, they don't have
    the quids to buy batteries (which of course don't last forever)

    So it looks like this laptop in question might have some sort of dynamo,
    that charges a small battery etc etc.

    And it's not so unlikely mate that Bill wouldn't be impressed with these
    things running Linux.
    MS is abit like Islam. They both want to be the only kid on the block.

    What I do find odd is why little kids out in some desert without power or
    dialup or BB, need a computer for ? It would be better they learnt to read
    and write etc the usual way.
    Xerxes, Mar 26, 2006
  12. John

    Rod Speed Guest

    Some gutless fuckwit desperately cowering behind
    shit thats all it can ever manage.
    Rod Speed, Mar 26, 2006
  13. John

    Rod Speed Guest

    Solar would be much more viable. They already to that for their TV etc.
    See above.
    Rod Speed, Mar 26, 2006
  14. John

    Rod Speed Guest

    There might just be a few options in that situation, like solar.
    Irrelevant to whether a hand cranked PC is viable.
    Irrelevant to whether a hand cranked PC is viable.
    School work allegedly.
    Sure, but thats clearly not what the PC industry cares about.
    Rod Speed, Mar 26, 2006
  15. John

    Uncle Bully Guest

    No, MS is a business, it's Linux that is the religion.
    Which is probably Bill's point.
    Uncle Bully, Mar 26, 2006
  16. John

    Ken Taylor Guest

    The last thing the PC industry wants is for people to start actually
    reading the studies which are concluding that PC's are an impediment to

    Ken Taylor, Mar 26, 2006
  17. John

    Rod Speed Guest

    Pity those are mindlessly silly and should be flushed where they belong.
    Rod Speed, Mar 26, 2006
  18. John

    Who are WE? Guest

    That last is mindlessly silly IMO.
    Solar would be more reliable. Viable?
    Rod, you have clearly shown your ignorance regarding energy generation.
    You spend so much time on the net. Get some education on Remote Power
    Solutions and devices used.

    To run computer with the aid of the solar cells, minimum investment would be
    over $3000.
    Hardly $100 limit set by the project......
    Who are WE?, Mar 27, 2006
  19. John

    Ken Taylor Guest

    And that's assuming that solar suits the location anyway - it isn't a
    be-all. This whole idea sucks anyway; that US$100 per person would be
    better spent improving basic services into these locations rather than
    wasting on a PC which won't last, won't be serviceable and will be of
    little benefit without other infrastructure.

    Ken Taylor, Mar 27, 2006
  20. John

    lynx Guest

    John wrote:

    HA! HA! **** Bill Gates and Microsoft. He wants to rule the world.



    'Some mistakes are too good to make only once'
    lynx, Mar 27, 2006
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