Best Backup Software?

Discussion in 'Backup Software' started by charliec, May 4, 2011.

  1. charliec

    charliec Guest

    I am using WinXP and am trying to locate the best backup software to use. I mainly backup
    all my folders/files to an External Harddrive on a manual basis.. I currently use Acronis
    TrueImage Backup - but it appears to have the inability to let you define a backup
    procedure (everything you want to backup) and set it to maintain a certain number of
    backup. For instance, I would like to retain the 3 most recent backup.

    In TrueImage, I have to modify the backup procedure each time I run it and rename the
    backup file to create a new one or it will overwrite the last one. Then to maintain a
    certain number of backups, I have to go to the External Harddrive and manually delete the
    oldest one.

    Is there good solid backup software that can accomplish what I want to do?

    Thanks for any insights.
    charliec, May 4, 2011
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  2. charliec

    patrick Guest

    I always use ActiveBootDisk but it is not free.
    patrick, May 16, 2011
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  3. charliec

    louisesmith Guest

    Take a look at Macrium. I've been using it for many months and it has
    always come through when I needed to restore a file, a directory etc.
    Fortunately, I've not needed to restore the entire disk.

    Their email tech support is almost immediate and always intelligent.

    It's not free, but it's pretty inexpensive and they may have a free
    version, I don't remember.

    louisesmith, May 18, 2011
  4. charliec

    G Mulcaster Guest

    To get the free version Google "Macrium Free". Otherwise you will get
    the 30 day trial version.

    I agree with Louise - it is a very good, easy to use program. I have
    done one disc restore. It worked flawlessly.

    G Mulcaster, May 20, 2011
  5. charliec

    charliec Guest

    I'm trying out the 30 day trial of Reflect. One question - after backing up files and
    folders, I restored a couple of files, but wanted to put them in a different location. It
    did that but place the entire link to the previous location in the new location, not just
    the file I wanted to just restore to the new location.

    It there a way to tell it to just place the file itself in the new location, not the file
    with the original link?

    charliec, May 20, 2011
  6. charliec

    charliec Guest


    Another question - I normally run my backups manually, so, after creating a backup task,
    is there a way to save the newly created backup task, so I can run it again as I need -
    and not have to create the backup task each time.

    Thanks for any insights.
    charliec, May 20, 2011
  7. charliec

    louisesmith Guest

    Yes - I have a VB Script file which I created when I created my backup
    job. Simply right click and choose "execute" and it will be backed up
    at your command :)

    Also, I believe it's in the VB Script preferences, you can instruct
    Macrium to shut down your computer when it's done backing up. So it
    becomes a set it, execute it, and go to sleep!

    louisesmith, May 21, 2011
  8. charliec

    Linea Recta Guest

    I have just removed (buggy) Acronis and installed 'Free Macrium Reflect' on
    my computers. Still testing, but I do have to get used to the fact that I
    can't create images using the boot CD. The boot CD can only be used to
    restore existing images...


    |\ /|
    | \/ |@rk
    Linea Recta, Jun 19, 2011
  9. charliec

    Patrick Guest

    I always thought ActiveBootDisk, the full version, was the best for
    Windows, especially with Windows 8 coming out. Not free.
    Patrick, Sep 20, 2011
  10. charliec

    Linea Recta Guest

    Dont't know it. Besides, don't have Windows 8, nor Windows 7... Still
    working with Windows XP and Vista (latest updates).

    But Macrium works great. I even make images of my notebook (& verify!) over
    secure wi-fi network.


    |\ /|
    | \/ |@rk
    Linea Recta, Oct 15, 2011
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