Aust Govt web awards by AGIMO set new low standards

Discussion in 'Computing' started by James, Jun 1, 2006.

  1. James

    James Guest

    To Special Minister of State Gary Nairn, Finance Minister Nick Minchen
    and Senator Richard Colbeck.

    I have previously emailed Gary Nairn about problems with standards at
    your department the Australian Government Information Management Office
    (AGIMO). Gary politely replied to my email, but he does not seem to
    appreciate the W3C technical issues in website validity and
    accessibility. All government departments rely on AGIMO, so if AGIMO
    provides bad advice as they consistently have, all your websites will
    suffer international condemnation and ridicule, which is already
    happening in the internet community concerned with validity and

    If you do not take an interest in these issues I am raising yet again
    for your consideration, Australia government websites will become a
    laughing stock on the world stage and AGIMO have with their 2006
    e-governance awards destroyed whatever good intentions you may have
    towards e-governance. Minister Nairn was wise to not present this award
    himself, Ann Steward Chief Information Officer at AGIMO presented awards
    on his behalf.

    Ann Steward presented awards for excellence to websites with no
    accessibility features and up to 42 HTML errors in their homepage.

    The errors could be easily fixed by any HTML novice who knows how to
    write valid HTML code for an ampersand.

    Certainly no HTML expert or anyone concerned with accessibility issues
    would give such a technology award to these websites. Are these low
    standards from AGIMO the result of new appointments since the 2005
    awards? Is AGIMO's Chief Information Officer coping with technical
    demands of the position, it does not seem so to me or to the rest of the
    world. Surely if AGIMO do not have a HTML guru, they could employ one to
    give accurate advice on international W3C standards!

    The 2005 winner was a W3C validated
    website, this year standards are much lower! How could roadready win
    this award with so many HTML page errors? They might provide a good
    service, but the documentation is flawed. Have AGIMO forgotten about
    W3C validation since last year? I note that Centrelink's website is
    being sued under the 1992 disability discrimination Act and that the
    architect of Centrelink's IT policy is now the Chief Information Officer
    with AGIMO!

    I have briefly reviewed this AGIMO award, there is nothing excellent
    about it at all. Alexander Downer's Foreign Affairs website would have
    been a much more worthy winner!

    Why should anyone else in Australia bother with W3C standards or
    compliance with the 1992 Disability Discrimination Act, when a website
    like roadready is applauded by AGIMO?

    Please take a few seconds to click on this link below for a W3C
    validation which shows 42 HTML errors in the award winning roadready
    homepage! I would recommend that Australian government websites wishing
    to comply with accessibility laws obtain advice from anywhere else other
    that AGIMO. Please ask AGIMO why the panel of six "experts" ignored all
    W3C standards and accessibility in making the 2006 award.

    AGIMO remain banned from my website for lowering the standards of
    Australian websites.

    Yours Faithfully

    The Editor
    Heretic Press
    James, Jun 1, 2006
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  2. Do you really think the Australian Government gives a rats about
    standards of any description? They only think of the big fat corporate
    paycheques after they leave politics...
    A former WORLD FIRST IT Minister!!!!!!!!!!
    Loves the sound of his own voice...

    Of course I could go on, and on, and on.

    Puss in boots
    Former Fed Minister(*): "Don't you know who I am?"
    Puss: "Yeah, so what?"
    FFM: "But... but I'm very important!"
    Puss: "Uh, to whom?"
    **Treat 'em with contempt, they deserve it**
    (*) FFM shall remain nameless, he is, however tall, got resigned, and
    when the heat was off, was posted to London as a reward for the
    profligate use of a Government funded phone account...
    Puss in boots, Jun 1, 2006
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