Arcserve v9 for Netware

Discussion in 'Storage' started by Tony Cummins, Sep 8, 2003.

  1. Tony Cummins

    Tony Cummins Guest

    I'm running a trial version of Arcserve v9.0 for Netware on a NW5.1 Sp6 box.
    I'm trying to backup an HP ProLiant DL 360 server which has a Gigabit
    ethernet card installed in it. My Media server had a 100Mbps NIC which I
    swapped out and installed a Gigabit card into. However I am continually
    getting the same error which is:

    E15030 Failed to receive data/request from PUSKAS

    This error is totally consistent, the backup fails at the same point every
    time - approximately 16 mins into the job. Anyone got any ideas what's
    causing this ? Needless to say the CA website doesn't have anything on this
    error code !


    Tony Cummins, Sep 8, 2003
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