Apple Pay coming to Chevron pumps in 2015

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Your Name, Dec 30, 2014.

  1. Your Name

    Your Name Guest

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    Chevron to Integrate Apple Pay at Gasoline Pumps in Early 2015
    Oil company Chevron has plans to expand its use of Apple Pay
    to gas pumps in the new year, according to a tweet the company
    sent out to a customer earlier today. In the message, Chevron
    says that it is working with Apple to bring Apple Pay payment
    solutions to pumps by early 2015.

    "We are working alongside Apple to develop solutions
    to integrate with Apple Pay at the pump by early 2015."
    ‹ Chevron (@Chevron) December 29, 2014

    Chevron is an early Apple Pay partner, and was listed as one
    of Apple's supporters when the service first launched on
    October 20. Apple Pay is accepted at Chevron and Texaco gas
    stations at the current time, but it can only be used at the
    in-store cash register, which is considerably less convenient
    than a pump-side payment option.

    Support for Apple Pay at the pump has been in the works at
    Chevron for several months, with a Chevron spokesperson
    stating that the company was working with Apple on developing
    pump-side options in mid-October. As the only gas stations
    accepting Apple Pay, Chevron and Texaco gas stations may be
    able to get a leg up on the competition by luring iPhone 6
    and 6 Plus users looking for a more convenient way to pay for
    gas purchases.

    Apple Pay is still in its infancy, but early numbers suggest
    Apple's payments service has the potential to be the first
    widely adopted mobile payments option. During the month of
    November, Apple was responsible for 1 percent of digital
    payment dollars, with 60 percent of Apple Pay customers using
    the service on multiple days throughout the month. Apple Pay
    is only in the United States at the time being, but Apple has
    plans to expand to multiple other countries in 2015.

    Chevron has clarified that a potential timeline for the
    rollout of Apple Pay at the pump remains unclear, with
    no official early 2015 launch planned. The company also
    plans to continue to roll out in-store Apple Pay
    support to 3,000 stores in 2015.

    Obviously it takes time to change all those signs about not using your
    cellphone on the forecourt. ;-)
    Your Name, Dec 30, 2014
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  2. Your Name

    JF Mezei Guest

    Interesting co-marketing. One would assume that the merchant is just
    upgrading its terminals to ne NFC compatible and accept both NFC cards
    and phones. Yet, the announcement makes it look like it is being
    upgraded specififally for iphone.

    I wonder if the pumps will also get chip/pin capability or stick to
    1970s mag stripe only.

    As an aside recently read an article about a large Canadian Bank
    updating its mobile payment app. The article mentions it is holding off
    on the IOS version until Apple Pay arrives in Canada. So it looks like
    they are working on bringing Apple Pay to Canada.
    JF Mezei, Dec 30, 2014
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  3. Your Name

    Your Name Guest

    Apple Pay will get everywhere eventually (some places quicker than
    others, UK is reportedly due in early 2015), like the iTunes and App
    Stores ... assuming it doesn't fail to take hold and Apple simply stops
    supporting it.
    Your Name, Dec 30, 2014
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