Anyone really know computer audio? Audio issue with screen videocapture app

Discussion in 'PC Hardware' started by Doc, Apr 19, 2013.

  1. Doc

    Doc Guest

    Making video captures of online gameplay with MSI Afterburner.

    The game of course has stereo audio. I find to get stereo audio in the
    video captures, I have to start the capture process while I'm still in
    the main screen, at the point before I select a particular server.

    If I wait until I've gone to the server to start capturing, the audio
    captures as mono.

    As per above, if I start the capture in the main area, then select the
    server and go into the gameplay the capture has stereo sound. Further
    once I do it that way I can then start and stop the capture process
    while in-game creating multiple avi files and the audio remains stereo
    in each avi.

    So what's happening? Why would initiating video capture at one point
    prior to connecting with a particular server net video with stereo
    sound, but going to the same serving and then starting the capture
    doesn't provide stereo audio in the avi file?

    This happens whether I'm routing audio through Realtek onboard audio
    or an Audigy Platinum EX.

    Doc, Apr 19, 2013
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  2. Doc

    Paul Guest

    Wouldn't this be a question, for the person who wrote "MSI Afterburner" ?

    How are we supposed to guess, what logic is present inside that program
    (and recorder) ?

    There could be a menu in the recorder, with selections like mono
    or stereo, and the program could be ignoring its own settings.

    Where you able to Google and find any experiences similar to yours ?

    MSI Afterburner mono audio

    So the very first article I find, has some hints:

    "Anyway, I recorded a game of DOTA2 last night after having set
    MSI Afterburner to record my headset and microphone. I had
    tested this out to make sure it was recording both sources
    prior to doing this by just making a short few seconds recording
    with some blah blah blah and opening the uncompressed .avi file
    in Windows Media Player. I confirmed both sources were recorded."

    So is it recording one audio stream, or two ? Some microphones,
    they're mono in hardware, which could account for a mono choice
    on a microphone channel.

    So the recording process, is more complex than it may appear.
    The recording may have multiple audio streams. You have to
    think carefully, knowing how system sound works, whether
    this is possible or not, or the audio might be picked off
    from a source other than the one you're thinking of. User Manual.pdf

    "Topic: How to use MSI Afterburner"

    "Afterburner 2.3.0 is out...

    Multisource audio recording. Now it is possible to record audio from
    two independent audio sources (e.g. game audio and microphone sound)
    in two independent audio tracks then mix them later in video editing
    application (e.g. Sony Vegas PRO) or optionally mix multiple tracks
    in realtime during capture

    You need to discover just how many audio tracks got recorded.
    Recording multiple sources would not be common with other
    recording applications.

    Maybe you could ask the author of the program ? Seems to hang out here ?
    Guru3D forum.

    Paul, Apr 19, 2013
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  3. Doc

    docsavage20 Guest

    Don't know, was wondering if there's some principle of computer audio that might apply.

    No "mono" option per se. It's supposed to record stereo or no audio.

    Thanks. I'd actually found this but the issue is different. They're getting *no* audio.

    Thanks - this might lead somewhere.
    docsavage20, Apr 20, 2013
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