anybody using NEXSAN ?

Discussion in 'Storage' started by Albert, Sep 5, 2003.

  1. Albert

    Albert Guest

    any users report for Nexsan ATAboy storage systems ?

    Albert, Sep 5, 2003
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  2. Albert

    Dan Foster Guest

    They're pretty nice and seems to be decently designed. Support folks I've
    talked to really do know what they're talking about - even if going into
    nitty gritty low level details. They also seem reasonably responsive - same
    day or within one business day turnaround on email queries; if we needed
    help faster, we'd have called.

    We tested it under AIX (note: 1 TB LUN max size -- AIX limitation),
    Solaris, and Linux... ran out of time before we could try it with Windows
    2000 but I hear it works just fine with Win2K. We were unable to get the
    Linux server (IBM xSeries 330) to see the array for some odd reason - may
    be HBA issue of some sort. No big deal... we'll get it working one way or
    another, but not critical as the other platforms.

    It's pretty fast... we actually maxed out the 40 MB/sec SCSI interface on
    the Solaris Netra t1 AC200 test system :) Had to get a U160 HBA to
    properly see the array max out. I think we maxed out the 80 MB/sec SCSI HBA
    on the AIX box (pSeries 660 model 6H1) as well.

    We don't really use the web GUI... 100% serial interface for us because it
    fits in better with our administrative methods better.

    We tried all sorts of procedures -- normal and emergency and they seem to
    work exactly as advertised in the manual. Documentation (published manual
    and in PDF format) appears to be logical, complete, and readable.

    Creating a volume (LUN) is so ridiculously simple for either the serial or
    web GUI that a 3 year old could do it ;) However, I did notice a few minor
    user interface design items that could be better improved so I sent in
    feedback to Nexsan about it.

    There are some vendors with similar products for just a bit cheaper, but
    we're happy with what the design and people for Nexsan gives us, and at
    that particular price point. It isn't a large price difference - seems
    reasonably competitive.

    We're looking to deploy these units (mostly ATAboy2 but we have one ATAbaby
    that just arrived) for various projects in-house *where appropriate*. They
    are not a good fit for all possible needs, but for many, they work out
    rather well.

    No relationship to Nexsan other than as a customer of their products.

    Anything in particular you'd like to know more about?

    Dan Foster, Sep 5, 2003
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