Another way of backing up (COPY) your stuff to the cloud.

Discussion in 'Backup Software' started by Hans, Dec 21, 2013.

  1. Hans

    Hans Guest

    In a nutshell:

    1) Open this referral-link:
    Signup with COPY, you will get 15 GB storagespace with
    a 5 GB bonus (because of using the referral-link).
    We get a 5 GB bonus too.
    You need to confirm your emailaddress with COPY.
    And download, install and run their COPY-app.
    2) email the name and emailaddress you used to signup
    to (no passwords please).
    Then we will share a folder with you,
    giving you access to more space, upto 20 GB.

    You then can synchronize (or just upload/download) your
    stuff to the cloud per COPY-app (or the COPY-website).
    This works with Windows XP SP3 or later on desktop,
    laptop, netbook. With Linux, tablet or smartphone too.
    When you have even more devices at hand, you can follow
    the above procedure for each device, adding even more
    storagespace to the shared folder.

    You can share with your friends, collegues, etc.
    For even more Cloud storagespace when you have them
    signup too using our referral-link.

    The fun part is we (at PFCorner) can synchronize the
    shared folder too. Allowing us to backup your stuff
    again (redundant copy). And even offline to tape!

    We respect your privacy, when you aren't sure, just
    encrypt your stuff first, then sync with the cloud.

    The COPY-part is free of charge. When you want to have
    a redundant backup of your backup, then email to the
    above emailaddress.

    Even when you don't need this, please signup using
    the referral-link to help us out (with the email-
    confirmation, installing, running the COPY-app,
    then you can uninstall the COPY-app).

    The big deal (for us) is getting 5 GB bonus storage,
    just like the bonus you will get.

    Thanks for your help and usage. And thanks to Barracuda
    Networks, Inc. for their fabulous storageservice.

    Hans (from Woodenshoe Country, Holland).
    Hans, Dec 21, 2013
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