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Discussion in 'Computing' started by Where's Wally, Jul 5, 2004.

  1. Howdy,
    A friend of mine received a virus via email and nortons picked it up and
    quarantined it, since then though this window keeps poping up saying your
    computer may be infected with spyware you have 45 minutes to contact whis
    address, you click ok it goes away but then about 5 min later it re-appears.
    I have run ad-aware and spybot but the window still appears, does anyone
    have ani ideas on how to get rid of the problem.
    Where's Wally, Jul 5, 2004
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  2. Where's Wally

    DalienX Guest

    sounds like nortons only got rid of part of the problem.
    try a decent virus checker like AVG

    If that doesnt work you could try just a popup slapper like POW
    DalienX, Jul 5, 2004
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  3. Where's Wally

    eltan Guest

    else download & run WMPopKill, its on Aust PC World, May issue CDs.
    eltan, Jul 5, 2004
  4. Where's Wally

    Ernest Guest

    Update to a better browser go get Avant from it is free uses the core
    MSIE program and is 1,000 times better. It will
    also kill off some of those worrying little hijackers
    for you, and has a handy pop-up killer built in.

    Deadly Ernest

    (my new keyboard, with small keys,
    accepts full responsibility for all
    typographical and spelling errors)
    Ernest, Jul 6, 2004
  5. Where's Wally

    Alex Guest

    might be windows messenger spam. Try disabling window messenger service.
    Alex, Jul 7, 2004
  6. Where's Wally

    BenOne© Guest

    I wouldn't call AVG "decent".

    I had spyware that AVG Free detected. It told me to run a full scan to remove
    the "virus", but it then couldn't find the virus. I emailed grisoft to ask them
    if I needed to buy a full version, but they binned my email because I was
    registered as a free user. Dickheads.

    Downloaded BitDefender and it also couldn't find the "virus" because it wasn't
    one. Used spyware detectors to fix the problem.
    BenOne©, Jul 8, 2004
  7. Where's Wally

    DalienX Guest

    it finds more viruses on average than nortons
    Spyware? AVg is a "virus" scanner, if you have spware you should have
    run adaware or spybot S&D
    well if you knew anything about virus scaners you would know that
    viruses that are in the "sytem restore points" can sometimes be
    detected by a resident shield, but a full scan is unable to penetrate
    the system restore point, for a complete scan you should turn off the
    system restore (efectively deleteing any viruses in it), then run a
    full scan, then turn system restore back on (wich automaticly makes a
    new restore point)
    DalienX, Jul 8, 2004
  8. Where's Wally

    BenOne© Guest

    This one wasn't inside a restore point. I had system restore turned off for that
    reason actually and this was a separate incident.
    BenOne©, Jul 8, 2004
  9. Where's Wally

    derek / nul Guest

    AVG detects virii not spyware.
    derek / nul, Jul 8, 2004
  10. Where's Wally

    Unknown Guest

    Just wondering what "virii not spyware" actually is. Some new form of
    infection? :)
    Unknown, Jul 8, 2004
  11. Where's Wally

    derek / nul Guest

    I will let you find it on google.
    derek / nul, Jul 8, 2004
  12. Where's Wally

    BenOne© Guest

    I tried to tell me there was a virus in a particular file. That file could not
    be found on a full scan.

    When I ran some spyware removing program, it found the file somehow, and I was
    able to delete it.

    So maybe is was a spyrus.
    BenOne©, Jul 8, 2004
  13. Where's Wally

    Just Allan Guest

    Virii = Plural of "virus".
    Spyware = junk that websites load onto your computer to track your
    browsing habits (which can reduce your browsing speed, while it all
    "calls home").

    BTW. Norton is fine. Never had a virus, and they always get detected
    when sent via email.

    Just Allan, Jul 9, 2004
  14. Just said....
    Glad you think so. NAV came supplied on a laptop that we bought. It's a
    subscription thing and has expired. I've since installed Macafee onto
    it. It seems to be less of a resource hog than NAV and virus definition
    files are free to update.
    Martin Taylor, Jul 10, 2004
  15. Where's Wally

    Unknown Guest

    I use Macafee. It is free to update to a point. After your year's
    subscription is done, they do give out free definitions for a while but
    eventually close it down. V6, for example, closed down recently to NEW
    updates. It *IS* less a resource hog than Nortons, too.

    To the person who said Nortons detects everything, it doesn't. All you have
    to do is grab a virus and make a deeply enough nested dir and Nortons wont
    ever find it. They have known about this for over a year, too. If the virus
    that is that deeply nested that Nortons wont find it happens to be something
    that opens a port to someone else on Internet, then you are in deep shit,
    Unknown, Jul 11, 2004
  16. Unknown said....
    The version that I'm using, which is supplied by my employer (they have
    some sort of licence that allows them to give free registered copies to
    us so we don't bring infected discs to work) has had free updates since
    we've been using it.

    It's version 4.5. And I merely have to go to the website and download a
    file called a "super dat" file, which is an exe.

    Not sure what the differences between 4.5 and this version 6 are.
    Whatever, work has deemed it unnecessary to get.
    Martin Taylor, Jul 11, 2004
  17. Where's Wally

    Unknown Guest

    Might be different with commercial stuff but V4.x has been unable to update
    even to reference files for a long time.
    Unknown, Jul 11, 2004
  18. Unknown said....
    Can't I? What's this then?

    This URL points to a page where you can get DAT files, Super dat files
    (engine and DAT).

    I've just downloaded and installed the current one, dated 8th July 2004.
    Martin Taylor, Jul 12, 2004
  19. Where's Wally

    Unknown Guest

    I understand it does but they still don't support V4 anymore - at least for
    home users.
    Unknown, Jul 12, 2004
  20. Unknown said....
    That's what I am. And I can still get updates for it, as I've shown
    above. What more proof do you need? Screen shots of my PC, perhaps?
    Martin Taylor, Jul 13, 2004
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