A very very bizarre problem *plz help*

Discussion in 'PC Hardware' started by Black Wolfie, Apr 8, 2005.

  1. Black Wolfie

    Black Wolfie Guest

    ok...this is gonna be a long one.

    let me take you back to just after christmass whe i built my
    after having spent a day putting my new comp together and making sure
    everything was postioned correctly (i was being VERY careful) i went
    and tried my comp. It worked! (to my relief) it carried on like this
    for about 2 months then one time when i went to turn it on it turned
    on and began to POST ( the diagnostic LED's told me so) but then after
    about 3 seconds the computer powered off....so i tried again, same
    thing happened and again. so i lay the comp on its side and tried to
    see if i could see anything like if any of the fans weren't
    spinning...i pressed the power button and the comp POST'd and got
    into windows.....very puzzling i thought so i went to stand my comp
    back up and just as i reached the vertical, off it went the PSu just
    cut power but in an odd way so much so it looked like the
    transformers had just lost power cause the main power light was still
    on and the DIMM power light was still on then as the residual power
    was used they faded, so i imediatley looked for somethignthat could
    be short ciruiting against anything but there was nothing and besides
    i figured if it was going to short something it would damage a
    component but it booted into windows so everything was obviously
    the i tried taking it out of the case to chack if there were any
    protruding bits of metal that were causeing it to short...but there
    were none. so i htowired my PSU (faking the signal the mobo sneds to
    it by connecting the green wire and black wire furthest away from it
    on the same row), it powered up fine and it twisted it and turned it
    and still no signs of it being un happy even the voltages were stable
    +12V @ 11.98V and +5V @ 4.87V. so i set my comp up on the desk and it
    ran fine. again i put it back in the case this time puting the
    non-conductive foam the mobo was on in its anti static bag, behind it
    on the mobo tray. and started adding stuff and testing with only the
    cpu + cooler (-fan) and the RAM in the mobo it worked but as son as i
    started adding stuff it would do the same thign again and again, even
    when i stripped it back down to the same level again it would shut
    off after a few seconds. but i finished putting it back together and
    tested and would you believe it the same thing happened. so i tried
    it on its side and it worked, tried it upside down and it worked
    finally i tried it on the other side and it worked only when it was
    at about 80 degrees to the horisontal did it shut off again....

    i have run out of ideas....i am on the verge of taking it to PC world
    (were satan lives) to have them steal £30 off me just to tell me its
    not working....i have a feeling it could be the mobo but i though i
    might as well try posting here to see if anyone had any ideas...also
    the amount of time before it shuts off changes it can be from 2-7

    the pc's spec is:
    AMD Athalon XP 3200+ @ 2420Mhz 210FSB x 11.5
    DFI LanParty NForce2 Ultra B
    512MB PC3200 OCZ Enhanced latency @ 1:1 FSB
    Antec NeoPower 480W
    160Gb seagate
    Sapphire X800 Pro VIVO

    i'm using a Aerocool deepimpact DP-102 HSF on the CPU and a Arctic
    cooling ATI silencer on the X800.....

    hope someone out there can help!.....PLZ
    Black Wolfie, Apr 8, 2005
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  2. Black Wolfie

    JAD Guest

    what about the power cord/ swap it
    JAD, Apr 8, 2005
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  3. Black Wolfie

    Ruel Smith Guest

    First, try making sure that all wires are correctly connected. A short could
    cause something like this. You might even go so far as to disconnect all
    wires, one at a time, and reconnect them. Do this for internal wires,
    particularly Molex connectors and fan connectors, as well as external wires
    such as those on parallel and serial ports. Those ports particularly are
    not hot pluggable and an arc will shut the power supply down.

    Second, if solution one doesn't fix it, change out the power cord. It could
    be shorted internally, and cause it to kick off.

    Third, if that doesn't work, swap out the power supply itself. Make sure you
    get a good one, too. I highly recommend Antec. You won't regret it. Power
    supplies are one of the most overlooked components, yet one of the biggest
    culprits of system instability. 350 watt PSU from Mad Dog does not equal a
    350 watt PSU from Antec. There is a huge difference in output, despite
    equal claims of 350 watts. My Antec SmartPower 350 watt puts out 21 amps on
    the +12V line. I have the original that came with my Soyo barebones kit
    that's also 350 watts, but only puts out 12 amps on the same line. Big

    Lastly, try reseating your HSF combo, CPU, memory, graphics card, sound
    card, etc. one at a time and testing to see if any of that helps. If all of
    that is negative, try swapping them for a known working component, one at a
    Ruel Smith, Apr 8, 2005
  4. I have run into similar problems in the past. As one has mentioned the AC
    power cord on the back of the power supply was partially defective and the
    computer would quit depending on how the cable was bent, as in horizontal to
    vertical chassis position.

    Another intermittent problem was tracked down to be an internal power or
    ribbon cable flexing and blocking a fan motor, causing a thermal or other
    safety shut down.

    I have even seen the power button cable have a loose connection where it
    plugs into the motherboard. Lightly wiggled the cable at the connector and
    the unit would power off.

    And as others have suggested I have run into defective power supply that had
    a bad soldering job on a heavy capacitor that would flex enough to quit
    GlowingBlueMist, Apr 8, 2005
  5. Black Wolfie

    Conor Turton Guest

    Dodgy mains lead usually. If not, then it sounds like you've got a bad
    Conor Turton, Apr 8, 2005
  6. Black Wolfie

    Black Wolfie Guest

    i see how all of those may do it but....i have tried many different AC
    cables and also why did the PSU operate fine for a few months before
    doing this and why does it do it only when standing
    upright?.....could it be the mobo?

    you should also notice that i have an Antec PSU a NeoPower 480W now
    unless i'm wrong but 480W is plenty of juice to run a system like
    Black Wolfie, Apr 8, 2005
  7. Black Wolfie

    JAD Guest

    yep that's my guess too, ever hold a 5 pound weight out in front of you? ;^)
    need a 'over the processor boulder holder'...
    JAD, Apr 8, 2005
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