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Discussion in 'Storage' started by ohaya, Sep 24, 2004.

  1. ohaya

    ohaya Guest


    Using EMC Navisphere, when you add or create a new host, Navisphere asks
    for a 16-byte piece of information. I have the impression that this is
    suppose to be the 8-byte WWNN concatenated with the 8-byte WWPN for the
    HBA port on the host, something like:


    Is this correct?

    If so, how do we find those two 8-bytes?

    Also, in looking at some working configurations, it seems like the
    ending part of the WWNN is always the same as the ending part of the
    WWPN (e.g., 20xxx... and 21xxx...). Is that always the case, so that if
    we know the HBA's WWPN, we can determine the WWNN by putting something
    different at the beginning?

    Sorry if these questions are a bit confusing, but I guess I'm kind of
    confused on this myself.

    ohaya, Sep 24, 2004
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  2. ohaya

    ohaya Guest

    "" wrote:
    > First off, if you're using a supported OS, its a lot easier to just
    > load the Navisphere Agent/CLI on the host. Once that's done, and the
    > host is zoned (if through a fabric) to an SP port, the host will show
    > up in Navisphere automatically.
    > If you can't use the agent for some reason (i.e. not a supported OS, or
    > don't have it available), then you must register the host manually. To
    > do this you'll either need the host connected, or need the WWNN and
    > WWPN like you've stated. Its hard to figure out the WWPN from the WWNN
    > or vice-versa, but if your OS or HBA utils have both listed, then you
    > can enter it in WWNN:WWPN.
    > However, you don't *have* to input that information manually. If the
    > host makes a connection to the Clariion, you can see it in the
    > "Connection Status" menu, and register it from there. To do this,
    > connect the host up, zone it (if through a fabric), and re-scan for
    > LUNs. You should see a "dummy" LUN presented by the Clariion for
    > communication until the host has access to a real LUN. Access this
    > disk using some fdisk/format utility. Once the host has made contact
    > with this LUN, it'll show up in "connection status". In Navisphere
    > choose "Update Now..." and then "Connectivity Status...". You'll see
    > the WWN/WWPN of you host. Select it, and you can register it from
    > there.
    > Let me know if you have any other questions...


    AHHHH! That explains a LOT!!!

    When we were doing our initial mucking around with the server (blades)
    yesterday, we had created the blade "host", but with the WWNN/WWPN
    backwards (i.e., WWPN/WWNN instead of WWNN/WWPN), and we kept seeing
    this long string of numbers in the Navisphere Connectivity Status, but
    we couldn't out why it was appearing.

    Now, with your post above, I'm assuming that was the automatic thing
    that you mentioned above.

    Darn! Knowing that earlier would have saved us like two days of work
    (and a lot of hair :))!!!

    ohaya, Sep 24, 2004
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