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DDR RAM help!!!

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      Dec 2nd, 09, 4:41 PM
I have a 2003 Dell pentium or something and I bought 2 gigs of DDR Ram (1 gig each), I have 2 slots for these, so I put in 1 gig of Ram and it works, but will not work when I put the 2nd gig in ??? Any ideas ??
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      Dec 2nd, 09, 4:49 PM
Possibilities are many. Bad stick, mobo doesn't support, etc etc.

Best way to start is by giving us the motherboard manufacturer/model.

Visit and download & run their scanner, then post what it reports.

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      Dec 2nd, 09, 5:24 PM
If it's a Dell it will have a TAG number on the case - this will identify the model of machine. Also, what case does it have i.e. small form, tower etc. If it's a larger case there are usually 4 slots. As Core suggest, go to OR and run their scanner. This will identify the model and what RAM is fitted and what RAM can be fitted etc etc.

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