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[SOLVED] Re: DoD Harddrive Secure Erase Wipe

Cydrome Leader

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      Apr 18th, 08, 7:55 PM
Ryk Edelstein <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
> Felony?? That would be a stretch. Depending on the industry you are in,
> it could violate specific laws, or industry dictated privacy
> objectives, but not a felony.
> The DoD is no longer the Cognizant Security Authority (CSA) for the US
> Government. This responsibility has been replaced by the National
> Association of Science and Technology (NIST). For proper guidance in
> data decommissioning reference their special publication 800-88.
> Available for free as a PDF from their web site. Just Google 'NIST
> 800-88' and you will find it. DoD 5220M is a retired spec, regardless
> of what the data overwrite software and hardware vendors want you to
> believe. Likewise, overwrite technologies that initiate the overwrite
> proces using the drive data interface (an external process) can NOT
> effectively remove all traces of user data, recoverable with laboratory
> effort.
> Due to the nature of current hard drive storage technology, overwrite
> technology is no longer considered an effective means to protect
> sensitive data.
> Please don't just take my word for this, you can easily find academic
> proof of this from the University of California's Center for Magnetic
> Recording Research in their published works available on line, by
> searching for papers by 'Matthew Geiger' at Carnegie Mellon, or in the
> Government of Canada publication titled ' Clearing and declassifying
> Electronic data storage devices', or the US DoD DSS Letter 'ISL
> 2007-01'.
> If you want to purge data you have 2 choices, use a destructive
> technology such as Degaussing, or use a non-destructive approach using
> Secure Erase, which is already embedded in your hard drive as part of
> the ATA spec. If you want to purge SCSI, your only choice is physical
> destruction. Short of that, the only other choice is to clear data by
> overwriting. Unlike ATA, when using overwrite technology to process
> SCSI devices the external application has better ability to address all
> writable sectors on a drive.
> If you are looking for best practice, and have a need to decommission
> drives often, you might want to consider an appliance based solution
> that offers a single point of destruction for all ATA, IDE, Laptop,
> SATA, PATA, SCSI and Fiberchannel devices. If you search DeadOnDemand
> you will find such an appliance that addresses these needs.

It looks like a hokey appliance.

You can't accidentally mixup shredded and unerased drives and have stuff
slip though by accident, you can with whatever that device is.

Lastly, what's the value on a old used drive in the first place? 12 cents?

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