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Windows Updates - every day!

Jr. THQ member

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      Aug 1st, 09, 4:05 PM
Every morning when I first turn on my PC, the yellow shield icon appears in the system tray, and when I hover the cursor over it, it says, "Downloading Updates...0%". This goes on for a long time, sometimes never getting past the 0%. Sometimes it actually advances and apparently downloads updates. It asks me if I want to install them, but this occurs later on. The yellow shield icon will eventually disappear, but I don't pay attention to how long it takes.

The problem is that this happens almost every day. Can Windows actually be downloading and installing updates every day? I don't care, except that this process slows my system down while its occurring; my hard drive light blinks continuously. Maybe this happens every day because it never successfully completes?

I use Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 2.

TIA, Ken
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      Aug 1st, 09, 5:10 PM
If you have set WindowsUpdate to download and install patches automatically, then yes. I think Windows Updates defaults to everyday patching. It probably cannot complete an update and so it just tries again and again. You may want to disable automatic updating and go pull the patches a handful at a time manually. Especially if there is a patch for Windows Update itself.

Come to think of it, you might be better off using Microsoft Update, anyway.

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      Aug 1st, 09, 5:58 PM
Yeah I would do a big manual windows update and get everything downloaded in one go, and then let it go back to the normal cycle of once per week (I think it's usually Tuesdays they release patches):
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Jr. THQ member

Join Date: Jan 2004
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      Aug 1st, 09, 8:39 PM
I had it set to download automatic updates every day. I changed this to once a week, at a time I am usually not home, so hopefully it will do its thing when I'm not around.
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