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Re: ZipZoomFly and DOA Hitachi SATA drives

John H.

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      Feb 17th, 05, 12:02 AM
I'm glad you posted this.I sure wont be buying anything from them.I will
keep on buying my stuff from newegg.I was going to buy some lite-on
cd/dvd burners from them.

Linoge wrote:
> There's certainly something extremely fraudulent taking place at
> ZipZoomFly. We ordered 4 Hitachi hard drives from them and they were
> received timely. They were shrink-wrapped. When we opened them, they
> were in perfect physical condition but 2 of the 4 hard drives were not
> recognized by the OS and were making clicking noises when installed 9by
> professional installers who built over 500 PCs in our company). We
> called ZipZoomFly and got an RMA for refund (because we couldn't wait 2
> weeks for replacements that might or might not be functional judging by
> the 50% failure ratio of this shipment).
> The drives were packed with extreme care in ZipZoomFly's own
> double-foam casing and were then double-packed and shipped back to them
> via FedEx ground. Tracking records show they received them on February
> 11, 2005. On February 15, we receive an email from an "Andy Huynh" who
> apparently is the ONLY person in their returns dept. with pictures of
> two Hitachi drives with severe physical damage (one of them has a whole
> chunk of metal missing and the other looks like it was punctured with 6
> inch nails!!! Of course their "pictures" conveniently do not show the
> serial numbers of the damaged hard drives!
> After over 30 calls and wait of over 2 hours collectively holding on
> line on the only non-toll free phone number ZipZoomFly provides (paying
> long distance tolls during the wait), I spoke to a lady named "Holly"
> who was quite rude and stated that "they'd send the drives back to
> Hitachi and only if Hitachi agreed to replace them they would refund
> our money". I stated that this was ridiculous and that I packed the
> drives personally (and they were in perfect physical shape) and also
> ***HAVE PICTURES** (standard procedure at our company when returning
> items) of the hard drives being packed at which point "she wanted to
> see the pictures". When I informed her that the pictures would be sent
> directly to our credit card company and ONLY our credit card company,
> she told me that "she wasn't going to spend all day on the phone with
> me" and abruptly "forwarded me to a supervisor". Needless to say I got
> an answering machine. I left a message but the call was never returned.
> I also asked her if there was visible damage to the box so I could
> claim the FedEx insurance. "Holy" stated that had there been
> visible damage, they wouldn't have opened the box and they would
> notify us and FedEx.
> The clincher is that we've bought well over $100,000 worth of equipment
> from Google Gear/ZipZoomFly in the past year and even placed a new
> order (our last one of course) yesterday. Not only ZipZoomFly didn't
> care we were a very large customer, they basically took our money and
> sent us to hell!!!
> Fortunately our loss is only $168 - being a company it's a
> right-off so we won't go poor over this but I'd hate to be an
> unsuspecting consumer getting scammed this way. It's a shame to see
> this happening because they used to be a good company.
> So, BUYER BEWARE dealing with these people-I have a suspicion there's
> an inside scam running and someone is pocketing some money at
> ZipZoomFly.
> There's something very suspicious going on
> Albert Silverman wrote:
>>A month ago, I ordered two 250GB SATA drives from

> They
>>both arrived DOA with scratches around the case screws. One was

> dented
>>on the lid. I reported all this in my RMA request. After some delay,

> I
>>was granted a RMA number, and sent them back. That was over two weeks
>>They've had them for a week, and the only communication I've received
>>from them stated that the dented one was damaged by me, and would not
>>necessarily be covered by warranty. If Hitachi replaced it, I'd be

> in
>>the clear, but ZipZoomFly would not issue a replacement if Hitachi
>>considered the warranty voided.
>>Their communication was quite poor (and their customer service gives
>>the impression of being a shoestring operation.) They have not
>>confirmed that either is defective.
>>ZipZoomFly's packaging in shipping was more than adequate (and their
>>shipping fast). The drives were sealed when I got them. So one

> would
>>have to guess that they were damaged before shipment. But

> ZipZoomFly's
>>"customer service" approach has put me in a situation where I have no
>>evidence. As far as they are concerned I damaged the drive.
>>It frankly seems reasonable that they would wonder if I damaged the

> one
>>drive. They ship out new drives and if it comes back looking like
>>someone dropped it, well, the customer could have done it, right?
>>Except in this case there are three other customers who posted to
>> who had the exact same problem, who placed
>>their initial order around the time I did mine. We're taliing the
>>exact same drives- the Hitachi one I mentioned above- and in each

> case
>>the drives were dented and DOA. One person said the drive looked

> like
>>it had been shot with a BB gun. another sent two back, ordered
>>replacements, and the replacements were similarly damaged.
>>In every case, ZipZoomFly is asserting that the buyers of these

> drives
>>damaged them.
>>I can only guess that if there are four cases like this at one review
>>site from such a short period as this, there must be others, and
>>ZipZoomFly must know that they shipped a large batch of bad drives to
>>At this point, I am looking for any similar, essentially identical
>>testimonies from other ZipZoomFly customers. While I feel there's
>>something seriously fradulent about all this, I really would be happy
>>to just get a full refund, and I'd like as much help as I can in
>>backing up my position with my credit card company.
>>Oh, and perhaps I should also add that I've done business with them
>>before. If they get it right the first time, they are an excellent
>>value. But clearly, I've ordered from low-cost online retailers one
>>time too many.
>>Please contact me at
>>(E-Mail Removed)



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