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Re: Weird Networking problem

deviL doG

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      Mar 30th, 06, 1:58 PM

"know_too_much" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:2pGWf.17605$(E-Mail Removed)...
> My wife's machine. clone, P4, 1.6GHZ, D 845 Intel MB. Intel Pro/100VM
> integrated LAN. It is hooked up to a Lynxes WRT54G wireless Router and the
> 54G is connected to my whole house Linksys BRSF41. The wireless parts
> always works great but when you boot up her tower there is no network
> connection. You reboot again and it works fine!
> All the settings are correct compared to all the other wired machines on
> the network. Any suggestions??
> Thanks,
> J.

What OS are you running? I bet it's XP (see below). The best place to post
this would be Microsoft.public.windowsxp.network_web.
It sounds a lot like a Browser war. No, not an internet browser, but Windows
Browser service. One computer on the network must be the Master Browser and
keep track of all the machines on the network and provide that list to the
others. It is usually the first machine to come on. If two computers are
trying to be the Master Browser at the same time the system times out so
they can have an "election". If one of the machines is challenged for Master
and it won't play nice then it sulks in the corner. When you reboot it
realizes there is already a Master Browser and submits. (how's that for
"Laymen's Terms?). You need to find out why it won't negotiate with the
network. That's where I get off this train. Go over to Network_web and
they'll fix you up.

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