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Re: UPS's and battery Backups mostly a RipOff !!!

Charlie Wilkes

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      Apr 15th, 06, 10:45 PM
On Sat, 15 Apr 2006 20:39:06 GMT, John Doe <(E-Mail Removed)>

>"Dave" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
>> 10 mo's ago I bought an APC BX1500 UPS/Battery Backup Cost me
>> $169.95 plus tax
>> Rated at 110 min backup time (proved to be 45 min). The first one
>> was defective. Got a replacement. It died after 10 months's !!!
>> APC didn't return my call for a service request !!!

>I had a Tripp Lite uninterruptible power supply that died.
>> Only buy a battery backup that will give you about 5 - 10 minutes.
>> You only want enough power reserve to be able to shut down your
>> computer plus maybe 3 min more to be safe. Once it seems like
>> power is back on and stable, turn your computer back on. To buy
>> anything that has more backup time than a few minutes is NOTHING

>The key expression there is "Once it seems like power is back on and
>stable. A voltage regulator - line conditioner will make sure that
>your computer only turns off once during a brownout, and once it

Yes. Exactly. That is where my Trace inverters falls down on the
job... when the voltage warbles. A dead reliable backup PSU, for
someone who doesn't want to damage hardware or risk their system
registry getting corrupted, would involve a line conditioner that
would shut the power down at the first warble, a Trace DR inverter,
and a deep-cycle battery. Then you'd be covered. Anything less, and
it's a crap shoot.


>goes off it stays off. It won't let your computer spontaneously
>restart. That's all I need, to protect my hardware from being
>thrashed around by household voltage fluctuations. My computer work
>isn't important enough to have a minute by minute protection from
>blackouts that rarely occur and never occur when I'm doing something
>A cheap UPS is a waste. I would think that most programs
>professionals use have automatic save anyway. And the important
>thing here is protecting my hardware.
>A cheap UPS is not designed for frequent handling of brownouts. A
>line conditioner is made for handling brownouts. I was just window
>shopping for them last night. Unfortunately, I already bought a
>cheap APC LE1200 voltage regulator thingy. Apparently it works well,
>but I should have paid more for a better unit. And I would prefer
>more LEDs that show more information about line voltage status,
>maybe the Tripp Lite LC1200.
>The problem is probably that most non-technically inclined users
>don't understand the benefit of a voltage regulator, but they like
>the fun of a battery backup. I think that's why you don't hear much
>discussion about voltage regulators or find them readily available
>at your local stores.

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