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[SOLVED] Re: IDE Catch-22


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      Sep 28th, 03, 5:58 PM
On 25 Sep 2003 22:49:44 -0700, In this world we created Removed) (Lukas) wrote :

>I just got finished building my first PC (I use Macs mostly). It
>powers up and it goes to DOS and does it's thing but there's a
>problem. It doesn't seem to recognize my CD-ROM drive. It tells me to
>insert a boot-disk into the CD-ROM, but it won't recognize it in the
>first place. ALSO, it won't recognize my HD either. However, here's
>the tricky part: I have the HD hooked up the Master end of the IDE
>cable (the black part) and the CD-ROM to the middle (gray) one. When
>both are plugged in, neither works. When the CD-ROM is unplugged, the
>HD is recognized. It's almost like the CD-ROM is breaking the chain in
>the middle or something; I don't know, really. So, what is the
>problem? Jumper settings? BIOS? Anything come to mind?
>Sorry for the rather lengthy explanation, but if you need more info,
>just ask

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