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Re: what happened to Kingmax?

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      Oct 26th, 11, 11:32 AM
On 10/26/2011 3:43 AM, Orson Cart wrote:
> It appears somebody has taken over the domain to host a fake website
> with malware script exploits to infect visitor's PCs.

I checked the site, and Firefox's "net-nanny' kicked in on me as well,
so there *was* something nasty there. i doubt it was just FF. Usually
there's a bunch more websentry systems that share this info.

For me, no big deal. I just engaged a bunch of 'extra' malware shields
and clicked thru the nags. (Not recommended for most folks, I'm used to
doing this, I know the risks.)

The basic site is still there, looking at the ED-01 USB 3 stick specs.
(I'm waiting to see how that plays out)

I found no malware, but that doesn't mean there isn't something there to
bite you.

I'd suspect that Kingmax's web-dog has already killed off the malware,
but the various websentry stuff will keep nailing for at
least a week this way. I can't blame them, I've seen well-meaning but
worthless "cleanups" all too often.

Right now I'd advise waiting a few days until the "net-nanny" stuff
expires. If you need something *now*, email sales (at) kingmax (dot) com
(dot) tw , but let them know of this problem.

Meanwhile.... (and for all)

Get used to this issue. It's just another battle with the darkside
internet assholes who do this crap.

"**** this is it, all the pieces do fit.
We're like that crazy old man jumping
out of the alleyway with a baseball bat,
saying, "Remember me motherfucker?"
Jim “Dandy” Mangrum
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